Elevated Design!?!

As Durham florist we love all things flowers but a great way to add dynamic design to your space can be elevated design! Why do I say elevated design instead of centerpieces or florals? Because you can get this dynamic feel without it having to be your centerpiece or even florals!

Bulb candles hung over head table with tiered trio candles and bud vases with greenery designed by durham florist poppy belle floral design at wedding at the Meadows of Raleigh photo taken by Rachel Abi Photography
Photo by: Rachel Abi

We have designed descending bulb candles over the head table at The Meadow of Raleigh earlier this year that gave a nice wow feel without the wow price. Some spaces would be overtaken by heavy greenery or florals overhead but there are so many creative options on how to best showcase your wedding and make it wowing!

Now don’t get me wrong! I love elevated florals and greenery and they can be PERFECTION! But that depends on you, on your vision on your venue.

Take this wedding I had at Cedar Groves Acres!

Reception wow piece designed by durham florist poppy belle floral design

Reception wow piece designed by durham florist poppy belle floral design

Photo Thanks to Aura Marzouk

Don’t limit yourself on the design! We have years and years of experience creating dynamic pieces completely unique to you and your space!

Photographer: Morgan Caddell

What is your vision? How can we make it a reality?! Jump over to our contact page so we can start on the process of making it come to life!!

Wedding Ceremony Floral Design

As a Durham Florist we provide many services but a passion of mine is to bring romance and love to your wedding day!


We have been loving this arbor, arch and ring ceremony displays. And it isn’t just because we love flowers but because the ceremony is what brings everyone there that day to celebrate love and this amazing thing called marriage.


In every photo of the ceremony capturing all your emotions and reactions all the ones that you will look at and recall exactly what it was like to be in that moment, each one will be telling your story beautifully with your color theme and feel of your day. And on the wedding day how better to keep the focus on you and your wedding day but add a wow feature to your ceremony spot! ⁠

Close up with blush white and greenery designed by wedding florist in durham nc


An arbor, a love circle, you name it: the focal spot of this day is your love and why they all have come.

Bride in wedding dress and groom in blue suit under Ceremony wow floral design of greenery and red, coral and white blooms designed by durham florist poppy belle floral design

Bride in wedding dress and groom in blue suit under Ceremony wow floral design of greenery and red, coral and white blooms designed by durham florist poppy belle floral design

What is fitting for you can vary quite a bit. Are you a lover of whimsical? Classic symmetry? Asymmetrical romance? Do you like the feel of geometric shapes? Do you prefer an industrial feel? Rounded or square?

The options are endless and honestly that is the beauty of a consultation we can discuss how each part of this can perfectly tell the story you desire for your wedding day! We would love to help you with this vision! Jump over to our contact page to get the consultation process started!

Top 3 Flowers Chosen for Wedding Floral Arrangements

Flowers will be a big part of your wedding! Actually, they will pose as the main element of décor. Therefore, they should be chosen with care! After all, you will want to showcase beautiful displays for your big day.

Take a Look at Unique Gifts for Your Bridesmaids for Your Wedding

However, with many flowers to choose from, you may be curious as to which blooms would be best for your own nuptials.

We believe that every wedding should showcase gorgeous floral arrangements! That’s why, here at Poppy Belle Design, as Raleigh wedding florists, we have gathered the top three flowers chosen for wedding floral arrangements, to inspire your own big day. If you would like to discover what these flowers are, be sure to read on:

  • Roses

    Of course, roses top the list when it comes to the most popular flower chosen for weddings! These tried and true blooms symbolize romance, and their intricate appearance prompts couples to want to showcase them throughout their big day. Presented in an array of colors, from reds to pinks, you can discover the perfect hue to complement your wedding color scheme.

  • Hydrangeas

    The abundant and elegant appearance of hydrangeas certainly adds a dash of sophistication to any arrangement they are placed within. Posing as the perfect filler flowers, these blooms are adored by couples! However, know that hydrangeas can showcase a gorgeous appearance all on their own as well. In addition, they are typically chosen in white, but are highlighted in other colors as well, such as blue.

  • Peonies

    Sweet and simple, and anything but lackluster, peonies are certainly one of a kind blooms! The tender presentation that is showcased by these lovely flowers will add a dash of romance to any arrangement they are placed within. Subtle pinks are the go-to color when it comes to peonies, allowing you to highlight a little love with this intricate bloom.

Every couple deserves to have stunning floral arrangements on their big day! These are just a few flowers that you could choose to comprise your own arrangements.

View the Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Are you ready to plan your own blooms with a wedding florist in Raleigh, North Carolina? If so, please get in touch with us here at Poppy Belle Design, as we would be pleased with the opportunity to be yours!


Photo Credit: Vesic Photography

Metal & Gold Inspired Shoot, an event with Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist

Feature image by Nieto Photography.  Knots ‘N Such is a Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist.

I am so excited to finally share this blog!  This past September I had the opportunity to provide florals for an amazing avant garde inspiration shoot.  I rarely do shoots anymore, but this concept from my friend Jessica was too hard to turn down!

It was really hard for me to choose just a few pictures today, so please take time to check out the full gallery for many more of my favorites from this high fashioned shoot!  Also many thanks to all the vendors that I had the opportunity to work with that day; you guys truly are amazing!

The cherry on top? We were all sooo excited when our targeted wedding blog, ISO:Alt published us! See it here!

Floral and tabletop design: Poppy Belle Design Event Planning & Design

Photography: Nieto Photography

Concept & Calligrapher: The Oblique Pen

Venue: 21c Museum Hotel

Tux: Bernard’s Formal Wear

Cake: Cakes by Chloe

Hair: Wedding Hair by Liz

Makeup: Wink Hair & Makeup

Rentals: American Party Rentals

metal and gold wedding inspiration bridal photo and details

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration bridal bouquet close up

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration bridal florals

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration bridal party widest

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration bridal party profile

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration arm corsage

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration bridal bouquet

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration couple photography

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration groom floral details

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration groom photo

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration groom boutonniere photo

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration tables cape

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration table florals

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

metal and gold wedding inspiration cake photography

Photography by Chris Nieto/Nieto Photography

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I do every time I see them.  These are going down in PBD history as a fave project!  If you’re looking for a wedding florist who is not afraid to take some risks, please don’t hesitate to contact me!



Team Flower Workshop, Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist

Feature Image by Heather Payne Photography.  Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist.

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend a Team Flower workshop in Boone, NC.  Kelley treated us to luxurious accommodation in a mountain-top cabin.  Designers from all over the southeast attended and what a pleasure it was to have such amazing support.  The first day we had an in-depth discussion of business practices, workflows, and pricing strategies.  The second and third day was spent doing hands-on design.  The beautiful blooms were provided by many local farms, including a fellow Chapel Designer and Team Flower member, Susan Wright of Shady Grove Gardens.  On the last day, Heather Payne Photography attended to take professional images of our work.  Shout out to Kelly from Team Flower who showered us with beautiful gifts, food, and education.  It was truly a delight, and I’m excited to share with you some of the images of my work done there.

Photography by Heather Payne Photo

Photography by Heather Payne Photo

Photography by Heather Payne Photo

Photography by Heather Payne Photo

Photography by Heather Payne Photo

Photography by Heather Payne Photo

Photography by Heather Payne Photo

Photography by Heather Payne Photo


I would love to share with you the awesome things I learned from this event.  If you are looking for floral design for your wedding, corporate event, or a weekly floral subscription, please contact Knots ‘N Such today! Thanks Team Flower for such a fantastic event and for reigniting my passion!



Our Favorite Trend: The Hoop, tips from Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist

Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist

I love how wedding trends are always evolving and changing.  Studying and trying new decor and arrangements are a love of mine.  One trend that has really caught my eye (and one that I would love to see make its way into the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill wedding scene) is the use of hoops.  These are not your grandmother’s normal embroidery hoops. Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh wedding planner and florist, is here to share with you how you might incorporate the hoops trend into your wedding day design.

  1. Bouquets
    • Maybe you are looking for a unique take on a bouquet for your wedding day.  Taking an embroidery hoop, a florist can cover the hoop with a variety of florals and greenery to create an eye catching and remarkable bouquet.  It also has the added benefit of being easy to carry and can easily set on your arm, in case you need it.
  2. Backdrops and Hanging Decor
    • Another way to incorporate hoops into your wedding day is into wall decor, like the one on the picture above. Thinking of the ceremony side of things, you might create a beautiful and eye-catching backdrop of hoops with a variety of sizes. At the reception, you can create a focal point that draws the guests eye to places like the cake table or sweetheart table. The center of the hoops can be covered with wire, thread, fabric, etc. to create a unique touch and beautiful photography.
  3. Chandeliers
    • Like backdrops and hanging decor, another way to incorporate hoops is with chandelier-like pieces.  Use of greenery and Christmas lights can help define the center of the dance floor.  For an outdoor wedding, you might think about hanging a variety of hoops from trees to create a “Secret Garden” like atmosphere.
  4. Seating Charts, Table Numbers, and Other Unique Details
    • I have seen a variety of ways to have your seating chart displayed: mirrors, chalkboards, wooden features, etc.  You can also use a hoop as a way to get people to their seats.  Having a hoop seating chart can then tie into smaller hoops with table numbers and other unique table scape features that tie your theme together.

As a wedding planner and florist, in my consultations, I really urge my brides to see the importance of cohesiveness.  Creating the same look and style from end to end.  Thinking flowers, colors, shapes, metallics, etc.  Use of hoops can be a cohesive unit, tying the wedding together from ceremony to reception.  Check out this Pinterest search on a variety of decor ideas involving this trend. Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist, would love to talk and work with you to use the trend of hoops in your wedding. Stay tuned for next week as we talk about more bouquet alternatives.  Contact us today!



Winter Wedding Trends: Tips From a Raleigh Wedding Planner

Feature photo by Krista Joy Photography. Knots ‘N Such is a Raleigh wedding planner & florist.


There is finally a chill in the air, and winter is quickly approaching! These 2017 trends are sure to win any winter wedding!


  • Leather Jackets: edgier brides will enjoy the leather look this season, being both sensible and statement making!
  • Velvet: this material has been making a big comeback lately, but it’s especially popular with colder days ahead!
  • Two Groom Looks: this winter is the groom’s time to shine, with his own flashy wardrobe change from ceremony to reception!


Groom wearing boutonniere

Photo by JB Haygood Photography


  • Faux Fur: adorn your bridal party in fancy faux fur, or even offer guests their own blanket as a gift!
  • Neon Signs: this is always a cool statement piece, but especially for the trendy 2017 bride who wants a unique way to showcase her wedding hashtag or new name!
  • Dark Florals: bridesmaids have their own winter trend! Darker floral patterns on gowns is huge right now, especially in colors such as burgundy, purple and navy!


Other Floral Services

Photo by Jocelyn & Ryan Photography


  • Metallics: a clean look like this can pair with most other decor, making it a versatile choice!
  • Jewels: gems can be used in so many ways! Try bedazzling your bridesmaids’ arms or hair, or the handle of your bouquets!
Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Photo by Cachet Weddings


Winter weddings are always beautiful, but these hot trends are sure to make for a cool wedding this season!




PBD Coordinator

9 Ways to Illuminate Your Wedding Day – Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Feature photo by Thirteenth Moon Photography . Knots ‘N Such is a Raleigh wedding planner & florist.

One of my favorite wedding elements has to be lighting. There are so many beautiful and creative options to choose from….Each as unique and symbolic as the love being expressed. In this week’s blog, we’re putting a spotlight on 9 ways to illuminate your wedding day. 

1. Sky Lanterns

Floating Lantern / Sky Lantern

Photo by PBD

At #1… Sky lanterns are a symbol for play and festivities in Asian cultures. So how do these beautiful floating symbols actually work? They’re typically made of a very thin paper on a light weight frame. A small flame from a candle or other flammable item heats the air inside the lantern causing it to rise into the sky, sorta like a hot air balloon. What a lovely way of symbolizing the beginning of a marriage!


2. Floating Candles

Wedding Table Setting with Floating Candles and Flowers

Photo By Natalie E. Photography

Taking the #2 spot is floating candles. Floating candles of all sizes and shapes are now on the market. They also come in a variety of colors. My favorite is classic white or ivory in a clear glass vessel. Such an inexpensive but elegant way to create a romantic ambience for your reception!

3. Pinspot Lighting

Ever thought of illuminating your cake and centerpieces? This is known as pinspot lighting, #3 in our list. Think of how much you pay for these gorgeous creations. Then think of how they fade into the background when the lights are dimmed in the room! Using pinspot lighting, you can make them stand out and show their beauty all evening. You’ll notice most of the high end venues include pinspot lighting in their ceilings, but for any venue, you can bring in a professional lighting company to provide this.

4.  Twinkle Lights

Bride & Groom Photo with Cascading Bouquet

Photo by Casey Rose Photography

Coming in at #4… Twinkle lights litter Pinterest, right?! There’s a good reason for that. They can make nearly any item shine and look amazing! I’ve decorated trees with them, put them inside vases, bottles, jars, and cloches, and wrapped tables and columns with them! The only limit is your own imagination on this one. I particularly love wrapping posts or columns with them and adding drapery over it. Oh la la!

5. GOBOs


Taking the spot at #5 is GOBOs. Funny word for a not so funny decor element! Your lighting company or DJ can provide a variety of shapes and designs through which to shine light onto your dance floor. They can also create a custom shape for you. Most popular is the monogram. How special to have your new family monogram in the center of the dance floor or above the cake table!

Wedding Bubble Exit

Photo by Casey Rose Photography

6. Chandeliers 

Who doesn’t love a romantic chandelier in nearly any kind of space?! Number 6 adds instant class and elegance to your wedding, whether you use them under an arbor for the ceremony, in the ceiling of a tent, or over the dance floor!

7. Hanging CandlesGold Vase Elevated Centerpieces

That’s right, you can hang candles these days! I have the cutest little holders that just beg to be used anywhere and everywhere! I’ve used them on walls behind cake tables, on manzanita trees lining the ceremony aisle, and under pergolas for cocktail hour! They’re amazing and add a simple and gorgeous touch!

8. Uplighting

Your DJ is your ultimate source for uplighting, #8 on our list. And don’t think that means it’s only bright flashing dance lights. Continuous uplighting in a white or amber on the walls is elegant and classy around the perimeter of your reception room. Many venues are including these as well, which makes their rental packages so enticing!

9. String Lights

Reception Venue, Barn at Valhalla

Photo by Chris Harburg Photography

The #9 spot goes to a wide variety of string lights.  Some popular forms include xmas lights, market lights, fairy curtains, lighted garlands, and Edison lights. Many of these lights also can be found in nearly every color imaginable. String them around your tent, over your deck, over the dance floor, around the arbor, or anywhere you can imagine!

To see my work, visit the Poppy Belle Design Gallery. Interested in what I can do for your wedding? Contact me here!

Inspiration from a Raleigh Wedding/Event Planner: Unique Down to the Letter

Feature photo by Renee Sprink. Knots ‘N Such is a Raleigh wedding/event planner & florist.

I just love when clients seek unique personal touches for their wedding day – something whimsical and inspired by their love story. However, sometimes couples need a creative planner & designer help them think outside the box! For this week’s blog, we’re talking about ways to incorporate the art of calligraphy into your wedding day…in uncommon ways…above and beyond the invitation! We spoke with Jessica Yee, owner of The Oblique Pen Calligraphy and Engraving Studio, about things she’s lettered and things she wants to letter!

Common uses of Calligraphy:

Inspiration from a Raleigh Wedding/Event Planner: Creative Calligraphy Uses for Your Wedding

Photography by Renee Sprink

First, let’s review some common uses of calligraphy. Calligraphy is often used in the creation of invitations, envelopes, place cards, menus, programs, and wedding signage (chalkboards and mirrors). Compared to digital designs of these wedding must haves, the use of hand lettering adds a level of elegance and personal branding. There are so many different types of fonts and styles when choosing and using calligraphy for your staple pieces. In the right hands, pen and ink can create powerful emotion. A skilled calligrapher can help you choose the perfect script and style for your story. As for all your wedding vendors, hire experience! Jessica has 25+ years of that, so has a huge library of lettering styles to share with clients.

Unique Ways to Use Calligraphy:

The reason I love Jess? She gets giddy with excitement when she has a chance to create something bold and DIFFERENT! Often brides want a one of a kind experience for their wedding, but can’t think of how to accomplish that. Taking inspo from Angelina Jolie, why not letter your wedding gown? Jessica had the opportunity to do this recently for a styled shoot with one of the best local photographers in the Triangle. The model’s gown was covered in romantic French quotes about love and marriage in Jessica’s distinctive lettering style. Create a family heirloom that can be handed down for generations! (More to come from that shoot, but for now it’s under wraps!)

Please Be Seated Mirror

Photo Provided by Client

When it comes to choosing the item or items that you’d like to enhance with calligraphy, start thinking of every item that will be a part of the wedding. Through either ink or engraving, the sky is the limit when it comes to surfaces that Jess can letter. Back in the day, when the post office allowed unusual items to be mailed, Jess lettered wooden spoons for save-the-dates. So cool, right? So think about EVERY item… Chargers? Check. Sea shell escort cards? Check. Metal compass place cards for a travel themed wedding? Check. Card boxes? Check. People? Check. Wait, what?!!! Yes… even people. Jessica has hand lettered inspirational friendship quotes on bridesmaids. Are you the go big or go home type? Letter their arms or backs. Want something simpler? Have Jessica letter on a bracelet or necklace. A temp tattoo for the big day!


Calligraphy Gifts:

Inspiration from a Raleigh Wedding/Event Planner: Creative Calligraphy Uses for Your Wedding

Photo by Renee Sprink

Looking for gift ideas for the wedding party? Sure you can order robes for your bridesmaids, but why not take it a step further and let Jess letter them?And for the guys? Present them with engraved items like a bottle of scotch or cigar box. And you can always keep the gifts to yourselves, after all, you’re the guests of honor? So how about engraved champagne flutes, wine carafe, or cake serving set In the hands of a skilled calligrapher, nearly any object can go from ordinary to extraordinary.


Interested in Calligraphy:

If you are interested in hiring a calligrapher to make your special day even more so, it is important to remember to book early. Talk to your chosen calligrapher about your needs and wants. And of course, Jess & I can help you come up with lots more ideas!
Jessica is just one of the talented vendors I know… To see the work of other professionals I love, visit the Poppy Belle Design Gallery. Interested in what I can do for your wedding? Contact me here!

Groom and Groomsmen Attire – Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner

Feature photo by Riley McLean Weddings. Knots ‘N Such is a Raleigh area wedding planner & florist.

I’ve seen my fair share of brightly colored wedding attire over the years and I am not just speaking of the bridesmaids. Brightly colored vests among the groom and groomsmen seems to linger and always takes me back to my teen years when my older brother work a hot pink cumber-bun and bow tie with his gray tux. However,  I am here to assure you that there is nothing wrong with going classic instead. In fact, classic style is making a much needed come back.  A simple 2 or 3-piece suit paired with a neutral button up is simple and elegant….dashing even. If you desire color, there are ways to incorporate flourishes without going over the top.  The bride and groom’s attire should complement each other, as should the groomsmen and bridesmaids. The wedding party is a reflection of the happy couple, but this does not mean that the men must all match and look uniform; on the contrary, having suits that all match could be seen staged and not as natural. Here are some tips from a Raleigh wedding planner to consider when choosing the guys’ attire. 


Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Les Atkins Photography

The most common reason to use color among the men of the wedding party is the style and wedding color palette. However, there are other ways to bring pops of that desired color into the attire without sacrificing that classic look and comfort. Consider a colorful boutonniere, tie, pocket square or cuff-links. These accessories can add just enough flare to draw the eye and pull the whole look together.

 When and Where:

McCardell Photography

Will the wedding be outdoor or in? What season will you choose for your big day? What climate is common for that time of year? These are important details to consider when choosing the Groom and Groomsmen’s attire as well. For instance, as a Raleigh wedding planner, I have planned my share of  spring weddings in  North Carolina. The weather is warm and the couple usually wants an outdoor ceremony to mark the season and the occasion. A vest may add an unnecessary layer in the NC heat. So choose light weight and light colors for warmer months. Choose dark and rich items for cooler months. Keep in mind… More often than not, the bride has a change of attire as the night goes on, and the groom will most likely take off his jacket to be more comfortable. And that’s okay once the I do’s are over!


Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Jocelyn & Ryan Photography

Last, but not least, let’s talk about personality. We all know about the mismatched bridesmaid dress trend in recent years – and I’m a fan! In a similar vein… If the groom and groomsmen wore matching suits, their personality wouldn’t shine through nearly as bright. They lose their individuality. Now, no one is saying that these fine gentlemen should upstage the bride. However, these men were chosen for a reason. It would be a shame to take away the personal touches that put them in this position in the first place. Let’s say they all wore a charcoal or navy colored suit, not matching… but similar.  You can always add personalized details to each that represents who they are. If all of their suits did not match perfectly, and the colors were more simple and regal, the appearance of the wedding party will appear more relaxed, at ease, thus providing the perfect atmosphere  and the potential for some amazing wedding pictures.

A wedding is more than just being flashy and making everything memorable.  A wedding is a compromise, the beginning of a lifelong agreement to always talk things out, no matter how difficult.  Agreeing on wedding attire is a good place to start, especially when going for a timeless look that will still look good fifty years from now.

To see examples of my design work and for inspiration, please visit the Poppy Belle Design Gallery to see examples of groom and groomsmen attire. Interested in what I can do for your wedding? Contact me here!