Choosing a Wedding Venue – Tips From Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist

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Knots ‘N Such is a Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist


Drive around the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area, and you will come across some of the most beautiful wedding venues.  Today we are here to help you to choose which of these fantastic spaces fits your wedding and your vision.  Poppy Belle Design, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist, gives some tips for making this important decision, and helping you craft the wedding of your dreams.

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  • Know your total event budget and Estimate your guest list

Last blog we talked about that b word – budget.  When choosing your venue, it comes up again as important because your budget will help you determine which venues are realistically feasible for you to use on your wedding day. In this market, the average venue for an average wedding is about 20% of the budget. A wedding planner can help you craft and manage your budget, so it’s wise to get one involved from the very beginning.

Before you contact venues, create your guest list. You need to know how much space you’ll need for 85% of your guest list to sit down for dinner.

River Ridge Golf Club Ceremony

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  • Talk to a planner and Research venues in the area

A wedding planner, like Knots ‘N Such, can be a tremendous help in casting your vision and finding venues that fit your needs. When making your initial budget, determine if a wedding planner fits into that budget and will help you be satisfied at the end of your day. At the very least,  a month of coordinator is essential and can offer advice even during the planning process.

Also, research the venues in your area, check out their websites to see what they offer.  Research photographers that have been at those venues, so you can see the venue as captured by a camera. Does the venue have photo worthy views and spots that will make your photos beautiful?  If you’re the type of bride that likes organization, create a spreadsheet with contact information and details you can gather from their website.

Bride & Groom at American Tobacco Campus

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  • Find venues that fit your vision of the big day

Are you planning an industrial chic wedding?  A wedding with unique architectural features?  Are you planning ceremony and reception to be in the same space?  I suggest sitting down with your significant other and writing down your must haves, like outdoor spaces or a space the bridal party can stay the night before.  These must haves will help in finding that venue that fits you and your significant other’s wedding vision.

Corner Table and Chandileer

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  • Find out what’s included and preferred vendors

Each venue is a bit different and has different requirements.  In your planning process, find out what’s required or expected during the wedding time.  Do they provide in-house catering?Do you have to use one of their caterers?  Do they have a list of other vendors they require you choose from because they have a working relationship with them?  Is it an all inclusive type of venue? These sort of factors will play into your decision making.

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The venue is the focal point that puts the wedding vision into motion.  It creates the ambiance, the inspiration, the storyboard of your big day.  Like we said earlier, a wedding planner, can be such a great resource in helping craft your wedding day.  Poppy Belle Design, a Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist, would love to help you personalize and customize your wedding, starting with that initial venue decision.  Contact us today!



What Your Bouquet Says About You–Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner

Poppy Belle Design is a Raleigh wedding planner & florist. Feature photo by Lauren V. Allen Photography.

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

You didn’t realize there was so much to flowers, did you?

Got the color, picked out the variety, and the florist pops one more question: What shape would you like your bouquet? Oh, and how about those bridesmaids?

Cue the crickets.

Little did you know that there are no fewer than eight shapes (read more about those here) to the classic wedding bouquet, each with its perks and personality.

So let’s look into that last one a little, shall we? What does your wedding bouquet say about you?



A tight cluster of flowers cut to the same length and wrapped snuggly with some sort of tie.

You’re a carefully organized bride, always dotting your Is and crossing your Ts. You like things done a certain way, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want a little frill here and there. It may take a bit to break down those walls, but once through your warmth brightens any room.

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist


A ball covered with blooms and tied with a looped ribbon as handle

You’re a bit eclectic, marching to the beat of your own drum. You’ve got a touch of prim and proper in you with a love for “Pride and Prejudice” and a flare for the romance of yesteryear. You tend to float from room to room and absolutely swoon at the tall, dark and handsome.


Posy and round

Round: A more put-together version of the hand-tied bouquet wrapped down the stem with a ribbon. Posy: A small round bouquet.

You’re quiet and gentle with a zest for the little things in life. Soft spoken and maybe a little shy, you’re not prone to drama. You’re laid back, yet you like having a bit of structure in your life.

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Erica Serrano Photography

Hand tied

A thick cluster of flowers loosely tied together.

You’re a bit of a free spirit—in fact, you may walk down the aisle barefoot touting your gorgeous bouquet, as if you got here via a field of flowers and just happened to pick these on your way. A self-proclaimed flower child, you’re apt to wander lust, or just to wander. You have a laid-back demeanor, smile easily and let most things roll off your back.



A masterpiece of different petals strung together on one stem using wire.

Artsy is your middle name. Eclectic to a fault, you’ve got a bit of a girly streak but in a rebellious sort of way. You’re quick to laugh and live with your emotions on your sleeve—which means you’re quick to boil over, as well. But what can you do? All that passion has to go somewhere!

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Erica Serrano Photography


Like a waterfall, the flowers spill down from the stems.

Caught up in the whimsy of the world, you’ve embrace all things bohemian. You, too, might be floating down the aisle barefoot to Indi tunes played by a flute. You’re imaginative, though you sometimes have your head in the clouds, and laugh your way through life.



Like the cascade but not quite as free-flowing or long.

You are all about the glam. Outgoing and gregarious, you love to laugh and have a flare for the dramatic. You thrive as the life of the party but also have a romantic streak. An aisle littered in rosebuds may be in your future!

Krista Joy Photography

Krista Joy Photography

When it comes to bouquets, there’s something for everyone! Not sure what you want, or have your mind set but looking for the right florist? Give us a call at Knots ‘N Such! We’d love to help you plan your flower needs—or even design it for you!

2016 Wedding Trends–Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner

Poppy Belle Design is a Raleigh wedding planner & florist. Feature photo by Erica Serrano Photography.

Krista Joy Photography

Krista Joy Photography

We’re well into 2016, and this year’s wedding season is in full swing! I’m already in the midst of that oh-so-lovely frenzied excitement only a wedding a weekend can bring!

I’ve seen a mix of these so far in the Raleigh area, but here are some things the experts say we’ll see this coming year:

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Knots ‘N Such

Overall feel and decor


It seems in general couples have begun to move away from copying every post they’ve ever seen on Pinterest. Many may still use the popular website for inspiration, but more and more brides and grooms will do things their own way.

While rustic weddings will remain popular, they will take on more glamour than in years past and transition to wide open spaces rather than a barn. Even so, they will take a back seat to the emerging woodland-themed events, using dense greenery, sticks and wood to create something of a fairytale vibe. Natural elements such as wood, stone and cork work as accents

No matter the theme, 2016 weddings will use simple yet striking decor.

Couples have also gravitated towards non-traditional and unique events, hoping to plan a fun experience for their guests. A more casual atmosphere coupled with a peaceful and romantic ambiance, weddings of today focus more and more on the enjoyment of those in attendance, becoming more relaxed than black tie.

For color pallets, a few trends have emerged. Rose gold seems to be extremely popular as an accent, whether in the wedding bands or reception decor. Metallics accent many schemes, using glitter on invitations or around centerpieces. Tone on tone has also dominated the decor scene, as have printed fabrics, especially florals, rather than single-color tablecloths or napkins.

Linking with the romantic atmosphere, lighting has become an increasingly important piece to overall wedding decor—and the options have become more dramatic. Pendant lights, chandeliers and candelabras have replaced or begun to accompany the popular market lights of past years.

Krista Joy Photography

Krista Joy Photography



Flower arrangements also have taken on a more simple and stylish appearance. Brides have begun choosing in-season and local blooms, often opting for a just-picked look. Spiky flowers or fruiting vines act as accents. No matter the style, however, color seems to be a constant theme—getting those centerpieces to pop.

Speaking of centerpieces, the cookie cutter method is out and a mix of different yet similar arrangements for each table has become more the norm.

Invitations this year use more varied and eclectic fonts than in the past, and monograms still seem to make a frequent appearance.

Raleigh Wedding Planner

Caroline of Neil Boyd Photography

Food and drink


With generally smaller guest lists, couples seem to be trending toward a more intimate reception. Sit-down dinners have begun to supersede the formerly popular buffet or food stations, though couples still offer choices, and some have even returned to family style. Passed hors d’oevres and desserts have also become more common. Comfort food—such as grilled cheese bites or hamburger sliders—as well as sustainable food that is organic and locally sourced continue to remain high priorities.

Many are opting for long rectangular tables rather than the dozens of small, round tables for their reception lay out.

Behind the bar, his and hers cocktails remain a fun and lighthearted personal touch, and rose wine has increasingly found its way onto the menu. Craft beers continue to dominate the drinking list, as well.

Dessert has strayed from the traditional wedding cake to a whole host of other options—all reflecting the couple’s personality—though butter cream or unfrosted are in high demand for those who do go the cake route. Fun nighttime treats such as popsicles and donuts remain popular, especially when they hail from a local artisan.

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Erica Serrano Photography



The boho bride continues to increase in popularity, with off-the-shoulder, crochet and lace dresses all the rage. Brides are also looking to more cream and blush-colored gowns as opposed to the traditional white. Open backs are also dominating the fashion scene.

For bridesmaids, mismatched dresses remain popular, though brides are moving away from just one color palette to a whole array of complimenting shades. Also popular this year are separates: shirts and skirts rather than a full dress.


We can’t wait to see what all the 2016 wedding season has to bring! Need help coordinating all these different aspects of your big day? Give us a call at Knots ‘ N Such to get your planning underway.

To Transport or Not to Transport? — Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner

Poppy Belle Design is a Raleigh wedding planner & florist. Feature photo by Erica Serrano Photography.

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

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So you’ve spent countless hours, thousands of phone calls and what feels like endless renditions of Excel spreadsheets planning a gorgeous and elaborate—or not—wedding. You’ve got food (yay, your guests will eat!) and tables and chairs, of course (also important for the eating). You’ve picked out your gown (since naked wedding was taken off the table early on) and your fiancé has … something in his closet as well, hopefully. The music is lined up, flowers arranged, centerpieces made, and everyone has at least been told (probably one to half a dozen times) where they’re supposed to be and when.

Every tiny detail about the event you’ve thought over and talked over to satisfaction. You know how things will go on the day.

But how will people get there?

Raleigh Wedding Planner

I’m sure you’ve thought of how you and the wedding party will arrive (Did you see the above? You’re detail-oriented—or have a planner who is), but what about everyone else?

Something of a trend nowadays is providing transportation for your guests, be it in the form of a trolley or shuttle bus or something else entirely that runs from the hotels to ceremony and reception.

I’ve seen it a few different ways. Some couples set up specific times and have the vehicle make loops between points A and B, giving guests some flexibility both at the beginning and end of the event. Others (usually smaller wedding parties) have a take it or leave it one-time deal.

Whether this is right for you and yours is completely up to you, but (since spreadsheets are your thing) here’s a pros and cons list to help navigate the decision.

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Amir Luna Photography

Pros to guest transportation


  1. Prevents drunk driving

If you’re providing alcohol at your wedding, setting up transportation for your guests will keep anyone who has one drink too many off the roads. This in turn could allow some people to party a little harder (if you’re into that sort of thing) than they might have otherwise knowing they have a free and safe way home.


  1. Helps with parking

If this is an issue at your venue—which it can definitely be in big cities or some more historic venues—eliminating a majority of the car traffic can make a huge difference and can eliminate some stress for your guests. Even in cities where parking might be plentiful but a tad costly, sending a shuttle might make things easier.


  1. Eliminates GPS error

If you chose a hard-to-find venue for your ceremony and reception, taking navigation out of the equation might just make the difference between one of your guests arriving on time or not. Not to mention if the ceremony and reception are at different locations, a shuttle to and from—or at least between—them eases that transition and can help ensure things move along in a timely manner, i.e. people don’t linger too long after the ceremony and delay the start of dinner!

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Cachet Weddings

  1. Ensures the timeline

Having a scheduled shuttle would definitely make sure that everyone—or at least a majority of guests—arrive at the ceremony on time (or all equally late if the shuttle runs into traffic). A scheduled evening ride might also cut down on the number of people who linger afterwards and delay your departure and retreat to the honeymoon suite—and sleep!


  1. Brings people together

Piling dozens of guests onto a charter bus certainly creates a community feel—and a youthful one!


  1. Decreases the burden on guests

The bottom line is providing transportation makes things a lot easier for people attending your wedding. It cuts out logistics, decreases costs and eliminates the need for out-of-town guests to rent a car. If you’re looking to have a seamless, carefree event for people, guest transportation is the way to go!

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

ASB Photography

Cons to guest transportation


  1. Cost

This is the biggest deterrent for most couples. Hiring a bus or a limo or what have you to shuttle guests back and forth can get quite pricey, and the bigger the wedding, the bigger the bill.


  1. Lost of flexibility

Having set times for people to leave the wedding can make it difficult to adjust the event timeline if things get pushed behind.


  1. Logistic difficulties

If you have rooms reserved at more than one hotel, mapping out a route that doesn’t leave too early or arrive too late can be challenging. Not to mention if you want a sendoff, you’ll have to decide if you want it before the first shuttle leaves so all guests can participate or when the last one takes off—when you’re actually leaving.

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

  1. Excess alcohol

Having an out to driving might encourage guests to drink more than they would otherwise, which, if you’re not really into the party scene, might not be the vibe you want.


  1. Early birds

Some guests might leave earlier than they otherwise would have because their desired departure time falls between the two scheduled pick-ups.


Whichever way you fall, this can be a tricky road to navigate! Give us a call at Knots ‘N Such for some guidance or full-on planning. We’d be happy to help you out!