2016 Wedding Trends–Tips from a Durham Florist

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Tips

Poppy Belle Design is a Durham florist.

We’re well into 2016, and this year’s wedding season is in full swing! I’m already in the midst of that oh-so-lovely frenzied excitement only a wedding a weekend can bring!

I’ve seen a mix of these so far in the Raleigh area, but here are some things the experts say we’ll see this coming year:

Overall feel and decor

It seems in general couples have begun to move away from copying every post they’ve ever seen on Pinterest. Many may still use the popular website for inspiration, but more and more brides and grooms will do things their own way.

While rustic weddings will remain popular, they will take on more glamour than in years past and transition to wide open spaces rather than a barn. Even so, they will take a back seat to the emerging woodland-themed events, using dense greenery, sticks and wood to create something of a fairytale vibe. Natural elements such as wood, stone and cork work as accents

No matter the theme, 2016 weddings will use simple yet striking decor.

Couples have also gravitated towards non-traditional and unique events, hoping to plan a fun experience for their guests. A more casual atmosphere coupled with a peaceful and romantic ambiance, weddings of today focus more and more on the enjoyment of those in attendance, becoming more relaxed than black tie.

For color pallets, a few trends have emerged. Rose gold seems to be extremely popular as an accent, whether in the wedding bands or reception decor. Metallics accent many schemes, using glitter on invitations or around centerpieces. Tone on tone has also dominated the decor scene, as have printed fabrics, especially florals, rather than single-color tablecloths or napkins.

Linking with the romantic atmosphere, lighting has become an increasingly important piece to overall wedding decor—and the options have become more dramatic. Pendant lights, chandeliers and candelabras have replaced or begun to accompany the popular market lights of past years.


Flower arrangements also have taken on a more simple and stylish appearance. Brides have begun choosing in-season and local blooms, often opting for a just-picked look. Spiky flowers or fruiting vines act as accents. No matter the style, however, color seems to be a constant theme—getting those centerpieces to pop.

Speaking of centerpieces, the cookie cutter method is out and a mix of different yet similar arrangements for each table has become more the norm.

Invitations this year use more varied and eclectic fonts than in the past, and monograms still seem to make a frequent appearance.

Food and drink

With generally smaller guest lists, couples seem to be trending toward a more intimate reception. Sit-down dinners have begun to supersede the formerly popular buffet or food stations, though couples still offer choices, and some have even returned to family style. Passed hors d’oevres and desserts have also become more common. Comfort food—such as grilled cheese bites or hamburger sliders—as well as sustainable food that is organic and locally sourced continue to remain high priorities.

Many are opting for long rectangular tables rather than the dozens of small, round tables for their reception lay out.

Behind the bar, his and hers cocktails remain a fun and lighthearted personal touch, and rose wine has increasingly found its way onto the menu. Craft beers continue to dominate the drinking list, as well.

Dessert has strayed from the traditional wedding cake to a whole host of other options—all reflecting the couple’s personality—though butter cream or unfrosted are in high demand for those who do go the cake route. Fun nighttime treats such as popsicles and donuts remain popular, especially when they hail from a local artisan.


The boho bride continues to increase in popularity, with off-the-shoulder, crochet and lace dresses all the rage. Brides are also looking to more cream and blush-colored gowns as opposed to the traditional white. Open backs are also dominating the fashion scene.

For bridesmaids, mismatched dresses remain popular, though brides are moving away from just one color palette to a whole array of complimenting shades. Also popular this year are separates: shirts and skirts rather than a full dress.

We can’t wait to see what all the 2016 wedding season has to bring! Need help coordinating all these different aspects of your big day? Give us a call at Poppy Belle to get your planning underway.