What Your Bouquet Says About You–Tips from a Durham Florist

by | Jul 24, 2016 | Tips

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Poppy Belle Design is a Durham florist. Feature photo by Lauren V. Allen Photography.

You didn’t realize there was so much to flowers, did you?

Got the color, picked out the variety, and the florist pops one more question: What shape would you like your bouquet? Oh, and how about those bridesmaids?

Cue the crickets.

Little did you know that there are no fewer than eight shapes (read more about those here) to the classic wedding bouquet, each with its perks and personality.

So let’s look into that last one a little, shall we? What does your wedding bouquet say about you?


A tight cluster of flowers cut to the same length and wrapped snuggly with some sort of tie.

You’re a carefully organized bride, always dotting your Is and crossing your Ts. You like things done a certain way, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want a little frill here and there. It may take a bit to break down those walls, but once through your warmth brightens any room.


A ball covered with blooms and tied with a looped ribbon as handle

You’re a bit eclectic, marching to the beat of your own drum. You’ve got a touch of prim and proper in you with a love for “Pride and Prejudice” and a flare for the romance of yesteryear. You tend to float from room to room and absolutely swoon at the tall, dark and handsome.

Posy and round

Round: A more put-together version of the hand-tied bouquet wrapped down the stem with a ribbon. Posy: A small round bouquet.

You’re quiet and gentle with a zest for the little things in life. Soft spoken and maybe a little shy, you’re not prone to drama. You’re laid back, yet you like having a bit of structure in your life.

Hand tied

A thick cluster of flowers loosely tied together.

You’re a bit of a free spirit—in fact, you may walk down the aisle barefoot touting your gorgeous bouquet, as if you got here via a field of flowers and just happened to pick these on your way. A self-proclaimed flower child, you’re apt to wander lust, or just to wander. You have a laid-back demeanor, smile easily and let most things roll off your back.


A masterpiece of different petals strung together on one stem using wire.

Artsy is your middle name. Eclectic to a fault, you’ve got a bit of a girly streak but in a rebellious sort of way. You’re quick to laugh and live with your emotions on your sleeve—which means you’re quick to boil over, as well. But what can you do? All that passion has to go somewhere!


Like a waterfall, the flowers spill down from the stems.

Caught up in the whimsy of the world, you’ve embrace all things bohemian. You, too, might be floating down the aisle barefoot to Indi tunes played by a flute. You’re imaginative, though you sometimes have your head in the clouds, and laugh your way through life.


Like the cascade but not quite as free-flowing or long.

You are all about the glam. Outgoing and gregarious, you love to laugh and have a flare for the dramatic. You thrive as the life of the party but also have a romantic streak. An aisle littered in rosebuds may be in your future!

Krista Joy Photography

Krista Joy Photography

When it comes to bouquets, there’s something for everyone! Not sure what you want, or have your mind set but looking for the right florist? Give us a call at Poppy Belle! We’d love to help you plan your flower needs—or even design it for you!