Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner: Other Ways to Use a Wedding Planner

Feature photo by Bowtie Collaborative Photography. Knots ‘N Such is a Raleigh wedding planner and florist.

Wedding planners are certainly the experts at planning weddings, but notice my company name says “Event Planning”. Did you know that wedding planners can also plan other event types? It’s my job to ensure that the theme, location, decor, catering, and connections are spot on for the wedding day. However, there is so much focus on the wedding itself, that the events before and after the wedding, like the engagement party and honeymoon, are often overlooked in the planning stages and can cause a couple unneeded frustration. These slightly less significant occasions can become quite overwhelming and although family and friends may try to step up and help with these events, the couple’s voice often gets lost and relationships can become strained in the process. But don’t worry – a wedding planner is just the perfect solution! Here’s how….


The Engagement Party:

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Photo by Riley McLean Weddings

Congratulations!!!! You’re engaged and I know you can’t wait to share it with others. This event kicks off the first of many wedding festivities. The engagement party is the declaration of your intent to wed and the chance to share that wonderful news with friends and family. Venue, menu, catering, guest list, invitations, and theme are just a few of the components that go into an engagement party. Sound familiar? These components are not that different than what goes into the actual wedding. They are just on a much smaller scale.  


A wedding planner can help set the mood of the evening, while providing valuable resources and guidance. Have you seen the Rolodex of a wedding planner?! We have so many contacts for venues, caterers, invitation professionals, photographers, and much more. Our networks are huge!!! There is so much leg work that goes into an event like this and it can often get overwhelming for the couple, stealing moments of joy that should have been spent in celebration, rather than aggravation. And wedding planners know how to balance; this event is designed to celebrate your engagement, not upstage your wedding.


The Rehearsal Dinner:

Beautiful Table Set Up

Photo by Riley McLean Weddings

The engagement party was a great success. And now the rehearsal dinner needs the same tender love and care as the other festivities. Here once again, enters your secret weapon and one of your greatest allies…The Wedding Planner. The wedding planner can provide options for the location and venue, help with the guest list, invites, the menu, possible theme and a degree of coordination if needed. Also,  depending on the planner, the creation of personalized decor to elevate and add enchantment to the event. For instance, I’m also a floral designer. So I bring that to the table.


Beautiful Floral Head Piece

Photo by Danell Beede Photography

Now for this next topic you may be asking yourself how a wedding planner could assist in the planning and execution of the bachelor and bachelorette party. After all, these are events traditionally that are the responsibility of the Maid of Honor and Best Man. BUT a professional in my field can, in fact, help with these two very important rites of passage. First, most wedding planners have travel specialists in pocket. I can help with the necessary connections to plan and book destinations. I can also make custom pieces for the bride to wear. We have all seen the crowns and sashes that marks the bride-to-be. Why be cliche or generic when you are far from it? I can create floral head pieces to wear the night of and make souvenir bouquets to carry instead. I can also create floral pieces for guests to wear and help with favors of appreciation for both the groom and bride’s wedding party and guests.


The Honeymoon:

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Photo by Photographs by Stephanie

With the close of your ceremony, comes the last part of an incredible journey…the honeymoon. Your wedding planner has been with you each step of the way and it would be a shame to not use his or her expertise here as well. Think of a wedding planner as an umbrella – we cover any and all wedding festivities! Wedding planners usually have travel specialists they trust and work with. They often have the 411 on what restaurants, services, and attractions are “must do’s” in an area; if they do not, they are resourceful and can pull contacts to find out the information. A wedding planner can also help with passports, luggage, attire, and personalized items often sought after by couples for the honeymoon.

Anniversary Parties:

Photography by Knots ‘N Such Event Planning & Design













Whether it’s your first, 10th, 25th, 50th or beyond, an anniversary is an amazing opportunity to celebrate the long lasting love between two people and reflect on memories made. Some couples want a small intimate gathering for just family and friends, while others have a grander celebration in mind.  Perhaps you want a vow renewal or re-commitment ceremony…. What about a recreation of key elements from your wedding day?  Just recently I had the honor of recreating a bridal bouquet for one of my brides are on her first anniversary. Like other events… guest list, venue, catering, and decor also go hand and hand when planning an anniversary party. As a wedding planner my business is love and regardless of the milestone, I can help do it beautifully


A wedding planner is versatile and skilled.  Unfortunately, most couples don’t include them when planning the other events that come before or after the wedding.  That way, from start to finish, your events are memorable, and you can focus more on the celebration, rather than having any stress and anxiety!


To see examples of my design work and for inspiration, please visit the Poppy Belle Design Gallery. Interested in what I can do for your wedding? Contact me here!

Interview with Amy, Owner of KNS

Knots ‘N Such’s blog writer sat down with Amy Wurster, PBD Owner, to get answers to some FAQ. Read all about this Raleigh wedding planner & florist…

  1. How long have you been in business?

Poppy Belle Design was born shortly after my own wedding in September 2003. A girlfriend and I had previously toyed with the idea of opening a wedding business combining our talents – hers for baking scrumptious little desserts and mine for making all things organized and pretty. But she moved to NYC and I got married instead. But after my own wedding, I realized that having a wedding coordinator isn’t an option, it’s essential! So I started offering services to everyone I knew and met, so produced my first wedding in March 2005 in Colorado.

I was a bit of a gypsy, so moved as often as my husband would allow, so word of mouth was my only form of advertising. As a result, I produced weddings in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina. I eventually started procreating so put down roots here in NC (and now never want to leave). My wedding career here in NC began in 2012. And once I abandoned my corporate career in software sales, and my babies got out of diapers, I started advertising, so I could pursue my dream full time. That was in 2014.


  1. What services do you provide?

We provide full and partial service planning, coordination, event and floral design. We also offer décor and linens rental. Our décor inventory is eccentric, fresh, and unique. It includes vessels of all types, signs, easels, lanterns, candle holders, and more. And our linens are from two companies out of Florida who have the most gorgeous collections I’ve seen anywhere. Their lines are quite diverse – everything from a basic satin to luxury fabrics.


  1. What do you use to stay organized and efficient?

I have many different tools and methods. But the one I feel is most valuable to my clients is my planning software. I can give my clients access to it, so they can always see what’s going on. It has tools like checklists, timelines, RSVP management, budget management, seating, floor plans, and more. I. LOVE. IT. With my background in software, I’m a total electronic based person and business. And I’ve been able to customize the system over the years, so have tweaked it to near perfection.


  1. Do you have a minimum total wedding budget requirement?

Absolutely. As a planner and coordinator, I can only help ensure a smooth experience if we have a fully professional vendor team. If there are holes in the team, so to speak, the purpose is totally defeated, so I may as well not be there. In this area, I’ve determined that a minimum of $25,000 is needed to hire a professional in the major areas for 100+ guests. If I’m hired for full service, a minimum of $30,000 is needed for 100+ guests. However, some of the most amazing weddings are small and intimate, so I’ll go below this minimum if the guest count is smaller. It’s the recipe for success!


  1. Do you have a minimum spend for floral design?

Not exactly. Floral design fees are so customized based on number of guests, number in the wedding party, and so many other factors. So I take a different approach, I require exclusivity. I’ll take any size wedding, so long as I’m doing all the floral design. It’s the way I protect my reputation. Guests and other vendors don’t know which flowers I designed and which ones Aunt Sara designed. No offense to Aunt Sara, but she likely doesn’t have the training I do, nor the style. It’s important to me that the wedding have a cohesive feel, and this can only be accomplished if my studio has sole ownership of the design.


  1. Do you provide event design with your full-service planning package?

It depends. I have full service clients who want me to handle logistics only. I still consider them full service because I’m doing all the planning. My packages are fully customizable, so one full service client may get logistics only while another added in design services. Floral design and rentals are totally separate line items.


  1. As the planner, do you sign contracts and make payments on behalf of the client?

No, I leave that final detail to the clients. I help coordinate the process only.


  1. Do you have recommended vendors?

Absolutely. This is a major benefit of hiring a planner. I’ve worked in the area for over 5 years, so I have reliable and trustworthy vendors in every category imaginable. I look for vendors who not only take great care of you, have amazing products and services, but also work well with other vendors as a team. This is crucial. The best vendors know that we all have the same goal, no matter our role, and that’s to make the couple incredibly happy.


  1. How is the couple involved in the selection process of vendors?

You can be involved as much or as little as you’d like. I have some clients who prefer not to attend meetings and trust me to make the final decision. But I have others who want to be involved and present, so they can make the final decision. I totally understand both perspectives, so have no preference.


  1. What’s the biggest wedding mishap you’ve encountered and how did you handle it?

With a professional planner in place, there should not be major mishaps at all! However, there are sometimes things beyond our control. Like a hurricane. I had 3 weddings the weekend Hurricane Matthew hit NC in 2016 – 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. First, I had a great team in place. I had designers in the studio doing the flowers, while I and my lead coordinator put emergency plans into place for Saturday’s weddings. I also communicated extensively with the vendor teams so we could all be as prepared and relaxed as possible despite what was going on. Onsite, I kept the mood light and joyful, even though major decisions were being made. For example, we had to make the decision to take down a tent, which seemed to be causing water buildup near the venue. The family and vendor team really appreciated how things progressed, so I count that weekend as a huge success!


  1. How many staff are onsite for each wedding?

It totally depends on the event. For an average coordination job, I and another coordinator will be on site. I add staff depending on complexity and services. For instance, if the ceremony and reception are in two different places, I need a 3rd person to coordinate setup while I and an assistant handle the ceremony. Another example is if I’m hired to do floral design, I’ll always have at least one extra staff for setup, and more depending on the size of the job.


  1. Do you carry general liability insurance?

Yes! As well as Errors & Omissions insurance.


  1. Do you provide loose stems of flowers for DIY projects?

No, I don’t have a retail shop, so don’t keep stems on hand at all times. And I don’t order them for brides because I still have to pick them up or have them delivered, then I have to process them, count them, store them in the cooler, transport them to the bride, etc. By the time a bride pays me for my time to do all that must be done, she’s better off financially to go to Sam’s Club or Costco to order blooms in bulk and process them herself.

On a related note, what bride wants to be getting her nails ruined by working in flowers the day before and day of her wedding?! I firmly believe that all brides should be relaxing and drinking champagne in the days andhours leading to her wedding. And mom and other family members should be exempt as well. In my early years, I had to fix too many DIY’s that went awry! Frozen flowers. Dead flowers. Broken items. Forgotten items. The list goes on and on. It’s so much better to have a professional take care of the floral design, so all involved can relax and enjoy the weekend!


  1. How many weddings will you take on each weekend?

As with most floral designers, it totally depends on the size of each project. For coordination, I have a lead coordinator who takes the lead for one wedding when there are two weddings booked for one day.


  1. What do you do with flowers after the wedding?

I encourage the family to take them home to enjoy them. In the event they can’t, I recommend donating them. I work with a couple of local non-profits who takes them to local hospitals and nursing homes.


  1. What’s your design style?

Amy Style. I really can’t be categorized. I love the loose garden style that’s popular right now and have always chosen asymmetrical and avant garde shapes and lines and random pieces sticking out that no one expects. However, I enjoy a traditional cascade or rounded bouquet too, so long as I can incorporate lots of textures by adding a large variety of blooms.


  1. What training have you received?

I’m an education nut. I’ve been a life-long learner and have brought that into my business. I have a background in business administration and software sales. As an avid reader, much of my wedding and design knowledge is self-taught. However, I completed the Association of Bridal Consultants Professional Development Program. I’ve also studied under others, like Tonya Shadoan and Emily McCollin, both of who had businesses very much like mine. I’ve also done workshops with Holly Chapple, Amy Dunlap, and Morgan Moylan. I’ve had sessions with Ariel Dearie, Susan McLeary, Putnam & Putnam, Hitomi Gilliam, and Kelly Perry. And the list is endless when I look back at the education I’ve received as a member of the North Carolina State Florists Association and Team Flower. My most prized honor is as a Chapel Designer – I’m continually learning from this group of international designers. We continually support, share, and advise each other. It’s invaluable!


  1. Do you provide décor other than flowers?

Yes, I invite you to my studio in Hillsborough to check it all out!


  1. Can you do sketches of design ideas you propose?

Yes! I took a sketching class under the Sketchbook Series, so can do rudimentary sketches of my ideas. When projects get more complicated, I outsource the sketching to a professional.


  1. What are the benefits of hiring PBD for planning/coordination and event/floral design?

I try to get to know my clients during the planning process, so by the time we get to the fun stuff – design – I already have a good feel for what my couples want to see and experience on wedding day. There are monetary advantages as well. Florists charge a fee for returning to a venue at the end of the night or the next day to retrieve vessels and breakdown. Since I’m already there coordinating, I don’t charge a fee. Update: PBD is temporarily offering 10% off coordination if we’re hired to do floral design as well!

2015 in Review! – Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Knots ‘N Such is a Raleigh wedding planner & florist. Feature photo by Casey Rose Photography.

2016 —woo hoo! I’ve hit the ground running! And I’m confident this is going to be the best year yet for PBD!

But before we jump ahead, I want to reflect on 2015. It was a great year in so many ways.

But first, my efforts in this industry couldn’t have been successful without the help of so many people. My family has been beyond supportive—my husband and two little girls – I live for you! Caterers, photographers, videographers, DJs – my army! None of us can do it alone and are so dependent on each other for success. And of course my wonderful couples. You all make each day, every hectic phone call, all the late nights and last-minute changes worth every minute. I can’t thank you enough!

For a peek into my year, here’s my top 10 moments of 2015:


  1. January NACE meeting

The National Association of Catering and Events holds a networking event each month for event vendors—planners, florists, photographers, DJs, caterers, the list goes on. Last year, they had a different planner organize and design each meeting so we could showcase our work.

On an icy night in January, I along with other great vendors, worked hard to create a memorable event for some of our favorite industry friends. I particularly enjoyed designing this event for several reasons. First, it was held in All Saints Chapel in downtown Raleigh, so I had a beautiful canvas! I was ecstatic with how my centerpieces turned out – they are still at the top of my list of favorite designs! So many people approached me to compliment my work, it made me teary-eyed! As a fairly new planner and florist, it was like a dream to be able to introduce my work into such an amazing group of people and have them appreciate it!

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Casey Rose Photography

  1. My first WOW piece of 2015

I offer to do a WOW piece for all of my floral clients – it’s my favorite piece for a wedding. Depending on their budget, they may or may not include one in their design plan. So I was over the moon that my first floral client of the year wanted one! What a way to start off the season! Ashley and Mark’s March wedding at Castle McCulloch’s Crystal Garden was immaculate. They had a gorgeous deep purple and white color scheme – and the bride had to have bling! Together, we came up with a combination of blooms and decor that we placed on her guest book table. So it was the first thing guests saw as they entered the reception. I also coordinated the wedding, so was able to enjoy the piece all evening long! 🙂

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

  1. My first open house at Barn at Valhalla

This was the start of a beautiful relationship with the manager, Barbara, and owners, Dillon & Carley. Barb and I hit off immediately upon meeting and just enjoy working with each other so much. We share a deep commitment to making sure our clients have an amazing event. I helped her plan and design both open houses last year, and they went beautifully. Both she and Dillon are just such wonderful people, and the Barn at Valhalla is by far my favorite rustic venue.


  1. Happiest couple when announced husband and wife

Katie and Ryan, my first official Hillsborough couple, were married in April. Every couple is happy when announced as husband and wife, but these two were just magical. I’ve never seen such joy like I saw on their faces and in their body language – Katie came out nearly dancing and hugging everyone in sight. It brought tears to my eyes! And these two are amazingly sweet, so deserve every bit of that joy!

  1. Playing MC


If you’re a regular PBD blog reader, you know how much I love Yvonne & Cash, one of my May clients. We laughed ourselves silly every time we talked! They’re loads of fun and their wedding was no different. One moment that will forever be imprinted on my mind is their grand introduction into the reception. Their DJ was shy, so a friend was doing the announcements. Either the music was too loud or she was too quiet, but no one could hear the bride and groom be announced. As a good wedding planner, I could see some  intervention was needed. I raced to the mic and belted out “Let’s give it up for the new Mr. and Mrs. Cash!” And the crowd went wild. LOL While I had fun playing MC, I now confirm much in advance that the hired DJ will also MC. 😉

  1. Site visit to Duke Gardens

Lauren and Mike said I do in May at Duke Gardens, so I went for a venue walk-through a month earlier. The Gardens were beautiful in May, but April blew me away. It was like paradise! I’d been there so many times before, but never in April. Now I plan to visit every April, wedding or not, to drink in all that beauty.


  1. Moonlight Magnolia photo shoot

It’s always an honor to be asked by other professionals in the industry to design for them. Moonlight Magnolia is a vintage rental company with china and other decor items. She was building a new website this year, and she asked me to do the flowers. I was so happy to be able to help show off her beautiful inventory!



  1. A full dance floor for the song “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid – What?!

Kristen is American and Fanon is from Trinidad—and their big day in May was the first time their families had met! When the music started, it was just incredible the way they all came together on the dance floor. I mean, everybody. There wasn’t anybody sitting at the tables. When Kristen’s aunt approached and said, “You have to play ‘Under the Sea’ the DJ and I thought, “Wow, this could go so badly”. But we were so wrong! The crowd went wild! It was just incredible to see families from such different backgrounds come together.  If only the whole world could dance it out to a fun song. 🙂


  1. Seeing my name in lights

Most wedding vendors know how important it is to get as much publicity as possible. Free publicity goes much farther than paid advertising at times! One of my goals for 2015 was to become known as a wedding planner & florist in my li’l town of Hillsborough. So when I won the Couples’ Choice award from WeddingWire, I took the opportunity to send the press release to the local paper, The News of Orange County. I was so appreciative that they took it one step further by interviewing me and featuring PBD in their business section. I love small towns. 🙂

The first time PBD was nationally acknowledged was on The Knot. Jessica Arden Photography submitted a wedding we did together and it was accepted! It was such a nice surprise for me! Finally, my year wrapped up with a styled shoot featured on the national wedding blog, Artfully Wed. It’s a gorgeous blog and I was so honored our shoot was featured!

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Stephen Thrift Photography


  1. Becoming a Chapel Designer

Holly Chapple created the Chapel Designers. See what she did there? Clever, right?! This strong lady is not only clever but incredibly talented and gifted. She’s been growing and designing flowers for over 20 years. And she is internationally recognized as one of the best. She travels around the globe holding workshops to teach her techniques – and I wanted in on one! I couldn’t wait for her to make it back to DC for a workshop, so I could easily attend.

I’ve been following her for quite a while on social media and my current obsession, Instagram. IG is a florist paradise you guys, but I digress.  One day I was looking through Holly’s feed liking nearly every one of her posts, and that must have caught her attention. She started following me on Instagram. Me? Little ol’ me?! I totally flipped out, of course. LOL It was then that I knew I had to make my dream a reality – I had to become a Chapel Designer!

So I said it out loud – yep, when I say something out loud, it makes me bound and determined to make it happen. Much to the amazement of those around me, I’ve never been one to say “Someday I’ll do this…” and never do it. If it comes out of my mouth, I find a way to accomplish it. Over the summer, Holly offered a workshop at her new flower farm, Hope. I jumped on the opportunity to sign up! I had to pass an “inspection” to make sure I qualified. How nerve wracking is that?! haha

The workshop was amazing. Ariel Dearie, a NYC designer, joined us to teach a class on centerpiece and bouquet design. Holly taught us techniques that are new to the floral industry, invented by her! I told you this lady is amazing. And at the end, as I walked away glowing and in awe, I joined the Chapel Designers. This group of international designers talk every day – we laugh, we complain, we share, we teach, we inspire. And Holly and her team do all they can to market each and every one of us through social media and the web.


Jody Miller Photography

So I could go on and on about that 2015 highlight – literally the best of the year – but I’ll stop now. In March, I’ll be attending the annual Chapel Designers workshop in NYC, so I’ll talk your ear off again on this subject in a couple of months. 😉

2016, I’m ready. Bring it!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist Featured!

Knots ‘N Such has been honored twice recently by being featured on local and national websites. First, in an effort to spread my name and services locally, I reached out to the town newspaper, News of Orange. I had just won the Couples’ Choice award from Wedding Wire and my floral design business was starting to take off, so I wanted all my neighbors to know about me. My goal is to work more here in my li’l ol’ Hillsborough! I’m  not just a Raleigh wedding planner!  🙂  I was ecstatic when the paper asked to interview me and publish it in their business section! Check it out here.

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist


Also, I woke up one morning with an email from The Knot in my inbox.  Jessica Arden Photography had one of our Durham weddings published!  I did month of coordination and reception decor styling for this one.  Everyone did such a fantastic job – I couldn’t have asked for a better family and better team of vendors!  You can see the wedding gallery on my website here. And you can read the blog on The Knot here.

Durham Wedding Planner

So honored and so happy!  LOVE my job!!!

Knots ‘N Such Wins Prestigious Award – Raleigh Area Wedding Planners

Wedding Wire is such a great tool, right?  It helps couples stay on top of the wedding planning process better than any website out there!  That’s why I am so honored to be among the Featured wedding planners on their site.  But even better than anything is the review tool!  My amazing clients last year showed how much they appreciated me by posting wonderful 5 star reviews onto my Wedding Wire profile.  Thanks to them, I was awarded the Couples Choice 2015 Award for  my 2014 work!  What an honor to be named among the top 5% of wedding planners in the central and eastern portion of NC.  And believe me, there are A LOT of planners in the area!  I’m overwhelmed with appreciation to say the least.  I’m looking forward to March so I can begin 2015 spring wedding season with a BANG!  Here’s to topping 2014!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I’m Amy, your Raleigh wedding planner…

I’ve been wracking my brain about what I should include in my first blog post… What do clients need to know about this wedding planning company? What makes it different? Finally, I decided that clients need to know…ME. Amy Wurster. I am Knots ‘N Such. And I am different. I am the owner/operator/floral designer/wedding planner/day of coordinator. And you, as brides and grooms, need to get to know me and trust me. You will be trusting one of the most important days of your life to me! (And my trusty assistant on the day of, of course!)

As a side note, I produce many types of events, but for the sake of this blog, I will focus primarily on weddings, since weddings are the primary focus for me in the event planning world. Now that’s outta the way, let’s move on…

As you may have read in the About Us section, I’ve been planning and designing weddings and other events off and on for over 10 years. But why? Why did I choose this career? Why be a wedding planner and designer? Well, let’s go way back… Circa 1990… My family got a new house and I got the new pink bedroom that I’d been dreaming about! I kept that room immaculate. Every day when I came home from school, I organized and cleaned my room, BEFORE I did my homework or went outside to play. I did all the decorating and was so stinkin’ proud of myself! I also rearranged my furniture continuously. I required no help, I was a tough girl and could push that furniture anywhere I wanted it! I was constantly switching out decor, too. It was only a matter of a few years, and I changed the entire color scheme and redecorated it all, top to bottom. It was all an obsession to say the least. 😉 As an adult, I’ve moved more times than I can count and love the challenge of decorating a new space. Currently, I’m in a log cabin. LOVE!

So why didn’t I answer the calling to become an interior decorator? Right?! I grew up in a practical family, in a practical small town, went to a practical high school. Creative jobs supposedly didn’t pay the bills, ya know? So, when I went to college, I studied business and health services administration. Looking back, I am so very thankful that I never pursued becoming the CEO of a hospital. That job has a different kind of beauty than I seek in life! After college, I moved to Atlanta, where my love of design resurfaced in conversations with a good friend and fellow artisan. Together, we invented Belle Events. Problem was that we were both working in the software industry, being ya know, practical.

A few years later, in 2003, I got married with no wedding planner or coordinator. Can we say migraine?! I wanted a simple wedding with only my closest friends and family with us, but mothers and MILs, weren’t on board. LOL SO, we planned a wedding…in 6 weeks. It was simple yet beautiful and FUN, but boy was I stressed out. No one knew what was going on except me! I vowed to start my own wedding planning business to help brides enjoy their weddings…migraine free!

Months later, we were living in Colorado and I got my first chance to plan and design someone else’s wedding. I was over the moon excited! That experience sealed the deal for me, I loved the satisfaction that came with the job. I loved standing back and looking at something I designed and saying “I did that!”. I loved how proud I was that the entire day went off without a hitch thanks to my organization. I loved making people happy. I loved the beauty of weddings. I loved watching the emotions of the couple as they began their journey. I loved. Knots ‘N Such was born.

After that, I planned many events. I have learned to love what the client loves because it makes her/him happy, and because so many things have beauty that is different than what we would pick personally. I hope to always have that ability, so that I don’t become pigeon holed into a specific style or design rut. I love to keep things changing (especially my hair)!

Recently, life has finally allowed me to quit the corporate world, and do what I love full time. Not to say that I regret my education or my work experience, because they are integral pieces of the puzzle. I have the knowledge and know-how to run a business! And that’s what I am doing, this is not just a hobby, this is a career, a passion, a life. I also gained the ability to prioritize, plan, and execute many projects in high stress situations. Wedding anyone? 😉

Speaking of education, in analyzing the market, I saw there are many wedding planners out there, but not many with with a great foundation. I strongly believe in having a solid foundation of knowledge and credentials to prove I’m worthy of you! After much research, I chose to join the Association of Bridal Consultants. ABC is the most prestigious and oldest wedding vendors association. What’s so great about ABC? They aren’t a weekend, minimal hour, take your money and hand out a certificate kind of operation. They have a Professional Development Program that is intense and thorough. And to maintain membership, continuing education is required. As a member’s experience and education increase, membership level is changed to show it. But more on that in another blog post…

So, who is Knots ‘N Such? An intelligent, honest, dedicated, responsible, creative, passionate, loving, detail oriented, driven woman with a heck of a lot to offer! One of the best wedding planners in the Raleigh area that you will encounter. And I can bring other vendors to the table that will amaze you just as much as I will endeavor to.