5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Poppy Belle For Your Flower Subscription

by | Mar 30, 2023 | About, Tips

You may have wondered how a local florist like Poppy Belle differentiates themselves from a large, umbrella corporation, or why it’s a better choice to order your floral subscriptions from us. Wonder no more, because we’ve prepared 5 major reasons that will reveal Poppy Belle
is the perfect florist for you!


#1: Fresh and long-lasting blooms

At Poppy Belle, we know where to get the freshest flowers on the market, which flowers to choose in which season, how to take care of flowers before they arrive at your home or office, how to educate you in maintenance so that you’re able to enjoy them as long as possible, and last but not least, we know which flowers complement each other, so that your custom floral arrangement will shine!


#2: Small business with big heart for local community

Our hearts are reserved for anything and everything flower-y. We think flowers, we dream flowers, we speak flowers! And we would like to bring this distinctive flower sparkle that we have to every home in the local area. Therefore, we offer a complimentary delivery to your flower subscription. Shopping local keeps revenue in our community, supporting local families, and small quaint businesses for your enjoyment.


#3: Each order is custom made and unique

We like to think of our craft as a bit different from other florists – something truly special. Our approach to creating a bouquet of flowers starts with the order. Meaning we keep flowers in stock, but rather we pick out the flowers specifically for you! And we’ll be honest – creating each
arrangement as a custom art piece keeps us from getting bored. 🙂


#4: Years of experience in floral and other creative fields that inspire our floral arrangements

We have designed thousands of bouquets throughout the years, but we don’t take anything for granted! We know that learning is the only constant in life and business, so we walk around the world with open eyes and take in any inspiration that feels right. It may come in the form of workshops, local farmers, special events, or nature itself!


#5: Flexibility and approachability

As a small, local floristry we value each of our customers deeply. No one is just a number to us, and we feel dedicated to every single person that reaches out to us to end up happy and satisfied. We are always available for a chat regarding any of our services and how we can make life prettier one flower at a time.

We offer a variety of subscription options based on your schedule and budget! Check them out here!