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Poppy Belle Floral Design has been not only selling flowers but has also been creating and managing events since 2004. We are skilled in creating beautiful experiences for people, through the world of flowers. We have been thrilled to be featured with other vendors and also in the news, in and around the Triangle. Here’s a sample of our events.

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Since 2014, Poppy Belle Floral Design, a Durham florist has been located in downtown Durham. Poppy Belle Floral Design has been creating perfect floral designs for local Durham residents and corporations to help them share their unique personalities. Poppy Belle can create beautiful designs for all of your everyday floral needs as well as all of your event needs.
Founded by Amy Wurster, an event design and planner with extensive floral education, Poppy Belle Design shares unique blooms, unique shapes, and versatile style.


Event Flowers Created by Durham Florist

The inspiration for event flowers comes from the couple, the venue, and the season. All of our design elements are customized thorough a series of detailed communications so that we can fully understand what the perfect floral fit is.
  • 100% Unique: We create a floral design for each event differently. Your event flower design will never be used again.
  • Hired For Your Needs: We can be hired for your floral design at any stage of the planning process to help curate the perfect aesthetic.
  • High Quality: Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality and most unique floral work in North Carolina.
  • Out of the Box: Being outside of the box is perfect for weddings and events who want flowers that speak to your unique personality.
  • Local Company: Just perfect for when you wish to express yourself with arrangements that are not the ordinary cookie cutter big box flowers.

To see more of our designs and hear about our client stories, join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.