Choosing Wedding Colors: A Durham Florist Tips

by | Feb 1, 2017 | Tips

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Feature photo is by Amanda Dumouchelle. Poppy Belle, Durham florist.

Let’s talk wedding color palettes. For every wedding and every couple, there are a few key shades that determine the style of the wedding. When you’re picking colors, you want to decide on something that represents your personality, looks good in photos and something you’ll be happy with for years to come. Here are a few options (coupled with some photos from a few recent weddings, designed by Poppy Belle).


Neutrals? You might say. What a bore! But neutrals are hot right now! They’re a great option providing a surprising amount of style and impact. Shades like white, gray, taupe, ivory, and the palest shade of any hue, will never go out of style, meaning that your wedding photos will look fresh and modern for years to come. Layering various shades of neutral colors can add visual interest without distracting guests from the center of attention – the beautiful new couple.

Photo by Krista Joy Photography

Pops of color

While neutrals are a lovely option all by themselves, they provide a great backdrop for a little pop of color. Whether your chosen color is muted or bright, it will contrast beautifully while also adding a little fun. One of my favorite colors for these little pops is purple; purple flowers look great with fresh greenery and add a regal feel to your wedding.


If you’re a couple with bold personalities and want to (literally) stand out from the crowd, consider making a statement with a few bold, saturated shades. Whether it’s in the flowers, the décor or your bridesmaids’ dresses, saturated shades of blue, purple or orange can add a vibrant and fun atmosphere. If you’re careful, you can even pair vibrant shades with other shades from the same family, adding a quirky twist.

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Like neutrals, pastels can match just about anything while providing a muted, romantic backdrop for your special day. They add just enough color for interest, but offer no threat of clashing or looking tacky. They also have the benefit of looking great on just about anyone. Lavender, muted blush tones and pale robin’s egg blue are all soft, delicate colors that you could consider as part of your pastel wedding. If you’re careful with your selections, you can pair pastels together to create a soft rainbow of shades.

Playing with color is one of our fave activities here at Poppy Belle. So if you’re undecided on how to make a statement with your wedding colors, call us today!