Using Spay Roses on Your Wedding Day!

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Floral Design, Tips

What is a mini rose? How is it different from a standard rose?

Take the classic form of a rose, make it miniature, add multiple blooms on a single stem – and you’ve got a spray rose. One stem of spray roses will have multiple blooms, usually 3 – 5, and are just 1-2 inches high each. There are so many varieties in the mini rose family. The spray roses can be single, double, or semi-double blooms. You can even get a garden style spray rose, multiple mini beauties, with oodles of petals; some are even fragrant!

Another member of the mini rose family is the sweetheart rose – single stem with one bloom, but smaller and daintier, than the classic rose. The champagne rose that’s very popular right now in the wedding world is an example of a sweetheart rose. They open quickly and are utterly breath-taking.

Can I get the colors I want in mini roses to compliment my theme?

Yes. Just like traditional roses, mini roses, especially spray roses, are available in a broad spectrum of colors. One of our floral supply sites lists 100 colors and varieties of spray roses! For example, the variety ‘majolica’ comes in a soft cream / blush-y pink and is a sturdy, long lasting bloom that opens magnificently. It’s a go-to spray rose for many floral designers.

Colors of spray roses

✔Blush pink
✔Coral and peach
✔Cream and white
✔Raspberry and hot pink
✔Bi-colors: Red/cream, pink/cream, orange/peach

How do you use spray roses in weddings?

Spray roses add a delicate touch to bouquets and help make centerpieces full and luxurious. Their size is a perfect counterpoint to larger florals such as standard roses and peonies. Yet, their petite size is perfect for small designs: corsages, flower girl bouquets, boutonnieres, cake toppings, etc. Spray roses are also used in unique items such as hair pieces and jewelry. They hold up great without a water source, making them a perfect option for all of these.

How expensive are they?

With florals, size is not always an indication of affordability. The more intriguing spray roses and sweetheart roses may be more expensive than your standard spray rose. Yet when compared to luxury roses, like garden roses, spray roses are less expensive. So yes, the versatile spray rose does offer a variety of blooms that will fit into your budget!

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