Unique Wedding Decor – Tips From Your Durham Florist

by | Dec 27, 2015 | Tips

Poppy Belle Design is a Durham Florist exciting parts of the planning process…and the most overwhelming.

There are quite literally thousands upon thousands of ways to spruce up your venue, many of which have been done before and some of which haven’t. I’ve seen a whole slew of combinations in more than a decade working in the wedding world, and I just love how each couple brings their unique personalities to the day through centerpieces, backdrops and all the glorious little details that I just love getting lost in! (Seriously, getting giddy just thinking about it)

If you scroll through North Carolina wedding pictures of recent years gone by, you’ll see page after page of burlap, candles, wine bottles and paper lanterns. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of those things! But if you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path, here are a few ideas.

  1. Anything old

Vintage is trendy, and old family heirlooms not only make photogenic (and nostalgic) decor, especially next to flowers, but they’re also super cost-efficient. People will love exploring your venue and discovering items they remember or even once owned or used. Think bikes, toys, typewriters, books and even household items from your grandparents’ era.

  1. Fabric

Have a flowy side? Let it show! Add some billows of fabric to cover those tent poles or stream from the ceiling. Use colors, textures and patterns to accentuate your personality.

  1. Branches and leaves

Bring nature into your big day in a non-floral way. Especially in the fall or spring, leaves are a great contrast, and branches reaching from wide-mouthed vases make a huge statement. Drift wood anchoring a centerpiece also has a whimsical feel.

  1. Feathers

If you’re going for glamour and a Great Gatsby style, long feathers placed in the right way breath elegance onto any party. Go small with a few strewn around the tables or try all out with giant, billow feathers in vases in place of flowers.

  1. Mini hot air balloons

Here’s a great spin off of the trendy Chinese lanterns used at almost every wedding for the past decade. I’m not going to lie, I love a good paper lantern, but these are such a cute alternative! And you can use the tiny basket to hold flowers or other decor.

  1. Fans and parasols

Especially in the spring, these can make great accents for a chic garden wedding. Painted fans and paper parasols give a light and airy but elegant feel to the event.

  1. Lighting

Many couples overlook this element of wedding decoration, usually for cost reasons, but don’t dismiss how easy and effective extra lighting can be. You can go with classic string lights, tiny hanging chandeliers for a black tie event or even industrial for a more modern style. What better way to set the mood?

  1. Candelabras

Candles are nothing new to weddings, but so often they sit in lanterns or hurricane vases or even the now-trendy cut-off wine glass. Why not go old school and find some candelabras? You can pick one genre or mix and match, going vintage, modern, wooden, rustic and glamorous.

  1. Hanging decor

String up some hanging votives and bottles filled with flowers interspersed with your string lights or lanterns!

  1. Pinwheels and pompoms—

For a more playful spirit, throw in some paper pinwheels and poofy pompoms—in vases, around a candy buffet, in baskets or handed out to your guests for some fun!

Whatever way you go with your decor, remember to let yourself shine. Follow your personality—people are there to see you and your love, after all!