Themes Have Their Place–Tips from a Durham Florist

by | Jul 3, 2016 | Tips

Poppy Belle Design is a Durham florist. Feature photo by Lauren V. Allen Photography.

Everything has a theme these days: birthdays, baby showers, family reunions, even the lawn party with your favorite neighbors. It seems you can’t throw a party without some sort of cohesive idea threading through.

Weddings are no different. But somewhere along the line, the whole concept of having a theme got a bad rap with mothers and mothers-in-law hounding exasperated brides for the common thread to help pick out napkins or invitations or what have you.

I’m not saying everyone needs to start planning Little Mermaid or Star Wars or Hunger Games-style events (though I firmly believe in the you do you mentality!). Many themes are much more subtle than that, sometimes as simple as having a consistent color palette or ambiance like rustic or woodland or citrus. And oftentimes these types of things emerge on their own without actual meditation—you pick your invitations or centerpieces and then find some cute signage that has the same lovebirds design and then run across some bridesmaid dresses that have the same teal hue as your envelopes and BAM before you know it you have this underlying tone that you hadn’t counted on.

And that’s OK!

I know many brides consider having a theme as a more high-maintenance way to approach the big day, but honestly it can really help you weed through the mountain of choices you’ll face on a day to day basis! There are so many cute options out there, especially when it comes to decor, and you can’t possibly include them all. Knowing that you’ve already got some sliced wood slabs to hold your flower arrangements might help you key in on how you want to design your ceremony backdrop, for instance.

The thing about it is you really don’t need to think about it too much. As I said before, a lot of times your theme (if you want to call it that) emerges as you go through the process and start making decisions. It doesn’t have to be a conscious decision or something you hold to religiously, just a general guideline to help reign in the smorgasbord of potential options.

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