Talking Ceremony Design with Durham Florist

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Tips

Ceremony flowers of blushes and greenery with geometric arch

Hi! We are Poppy Belle Floral Design Durham Florists and I wanted to talk about wedding ceremony design.  As Durham florists we of course love flowers and more flowers!  But that is not the reason we suggest a design for your ceremony!

This wedding is all about your love.  All about your vows and this amazing ceremony starting your marriage. As such there is a focus and investment of décor to accent this focus.  To create romance and display the hard work and time of your vision.

As it should be, there will be so many pictures from your wedding that will be focused on your ceremony.  Your tears and smiles overtake your face in this life altering event.  If you have a ceremony design not only will you shine but your theme and design will shine!  You will have a cohesive story in your photos and those images will showcase your love, which is what brought us all together for this beautiful event, and your vision in a stunning way!

Imagine it…You are jittery, excited but also nervous… it’s time you are walking down the aisle towards your soon to be spouse… and around them are pops of all the hard work and ambiance of romance you have been cultivating this entire time.

There is an arbor with fresh and beautiful blooms arching over your spouse, the smell comes with the breeze as you walk towards them.

Ceremony flowers of blushes and greenery with geometric arch design by durham florist poppy belle floral design

Image after image of you holding hands and tearing up sharing your love in words to seal your forever future.  Each image shows off the beautiful colors, blossoms and romance of your wedding day

What do you want your wedding ceremony flowers to look like?

Photos compliments to Dedrie and John