Summer Wedding: 9 Ways to Beat the Heat, Tips from Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist

Feature Image by J.P. Lord Photography. Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist.

Guess what? It’s summer. And in case you haven’t stepped outside in the past few weeks (lucky you), in the Raleigh world that means it’s HOT, complete with that sticky, walking-through-water feel that only a North Carolina summer can bring.  Just wait until you step into all five layers of that gorgeous princess ball gown of a wedding dress!

Everyone loves summer weddings, including me, but in the heat of summer, doing anything outside can be tough and outdoor weddings that much more so. Here are a few things to think about to beat the heat on your big day.

Outdoor Ceremony Entrance

Photography by J Parker Photography

  1. Avoid the heat

This one sounds obvious, but sometimes it’s an easy one to forget. If you know you’re going to get married on a hot day (read any time June thru August), try going for a later or earlier ceremony time to avoid the heat of the day. You may not be able to escape the temperatures for the whole event, but this way you at least won’t have guests sitting for the ceremony, baking in the hot sun at its peak.

  1. Attire

Especially with an outdoor ceremony, take extra time to consider what your wedding party will wear on the day of. Trade the full tux and jacket for a nice vest, bowtie, or suspenders to class up the guys’ outfits without adding undo layers. For the wedding dress, try to pick something light and loose.

  1. Hydrate!

I can’t stress this one enough. Especially if you’re wearing a traditional wedding dress, you are going to be hot, hot, hot. Both you and your new hubby will be up on your feet, bouncing from friend to family member and back again. It will be all you can do to get a bite to eat (a pet peeve of mine—please be sure to get food!), but in hot weather definitely do NOT skimp on water. And don’t pass on water right to the beer. Trust me, you’ll regret it later. This goes for your guests, as well. You know how much quicker a cold beer or glass of wine can go to your head on a hot day. Make sure to have cool, non-alcoholic drinks available—and some cocktail hour snacks wouldn’t hurt, either.

  1. Flowers

Your blooms won’t like the heat any more than you do—and they also need to hydrate. As soon as you can after the ceremony, plop those bouquets in a glass of water. Your florist should take care of the centerpieces or other floral pieces, but just in case have your planner keep on eye on them to maybe top them off with water before dinner if they begin to wilt. (Bonus if your coordinator is also your florist!) What flowers you choose can help save the day, as well.  In-season blooms that don’t have to travel far will last longer, and the hardier summer varieties will stand up to the warmth better than more fragile ones.

  1. Cake or other desserts

Icing also doesn’t hold up well in the heat. While the sweet treats will taste just as delicious with dripping frosting as not, they won’t make for the best pictures, and you’re bound to get extremely sticky if you go for a cake cutting. Have your baker deliver during cocktail hour, so the cake doesn’t stay out long before the cake cutting. You may even want to cut the cake before dinner, so the cake is at its freshest for the pictures.  And then guests don’t have to wait long for dessert.

  1. Protecting guests

If you plan on spending most of the day in the sun, help guests prepare! Have sunscreen available—in cute little baskets or bins—somewhere near the entrance so they can lather up when they get there. If you plan on using metal chairs for the ceremony, invest in covers so no one burns her bottom. Also try to scope out or create shady areas for people to escape, especially during the cocktail hour.

  1. Indoor options

Remember the heat takes the biggest toll on the old and the young. If you have grandparents making the trip, make sure there is somewhere for them to go sit and cool off. If there’s an indoor element to the venue—even if not big enough for the entire party—think about making it available for those who really need it. The same goes for small children.

  1. Think waterpark!

Maybe not quite that extreme, but if temperatures are really getting up there, it might not be a bad idea to get some fans and misters to go on the tent. I heard of a bride who had a fan underneath the head table to blow under her skirt and help her cool off! Or go with the amusement park theme and get everyone those little squirt bottle fans as favors. If the venue has a hose, hook a fan up to the water source and create your own cooling station. Any way that you have to help your guests cool off will go a long way.

  1. Have some fun

Use the heat as a way to introduce some more casual aspects to your wedding. Give your programs a second purpose by having them printed as fans, so your guests can fan themselves during the ceremony.  Have a late-night snack of popsicles (Lunapops, anyone?), and have frozen drinks at the bar.  Ask your caterer to be sure and bring double the amount of water so you don’t run out.

Summer Heat Infographic

Photography by
Joe Payne Photography
Thirteenth Moon Photography
J.P. Lord Photography
Jamie Blow Photography
Azul Photography

Take it from your Raleigh wedding planner, if you have an outdoor wedding in June, July, or August, your chances of having excessive heat are great.  So plan to pamper yourself and your guests to beat the heat!  Be creative, have fun, and stay safe!



Pascale & Tim’s Wedding Day, event with Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist

Feature Image by Joe Payne Photography, Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist

Pascale and Tim’s wedding day was a beautiful blend of cultures and traditions from their family’s Lebanese and Japanese backgrounds, as well as, American wedding traditions.  The backdrop for the ceremony was Umstead Park on the Umstead Hotel & Spa’s grounds, with an indoor ceremony, in a ballroom within the Hotel.  Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist, had the privilege to create blush and white garden style arrangements as the focal points for both the ceremony & reception.  We were thankful and honored to work with such a wonderful team of vendors that created such a great day for the bride and groom!

Floral Design: Knots ‘N Such

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Umstead Hotel & Spa

Photography: Joe Payne Photography

Assistant Photographer: Erin Costa Photography

Wedding Coordinator: A Southern Soiree

Officiant: Father Christopher Ross, Celestial Ceremonies

Cake: Sugarland

Musicians: Arioso Strings

Hair & Make-Up: The Make-Up Culture

DJ/Emcee/Photobooth: DJ Rang

Lighting: Sparks Productions

Rentals: Party Reflections

Videography: Thomas Blake Films

It was truly a joy to work with this precious couple.  I wish them a lifetime of happiness and love!  Visit the gallery today to see more of the amazing photographs from this wedding and other weddings.

Outdoor Ceremony Space

Photography by Joe Payne Photography


Photography by Joe Payne Photography

Couple Flowers

Photography by Joe Payne Photography

Bridal Bouquet

Photography by Joe Payne Photography

Reception Venue

Photography by Joe Payne Photography

Reception Table Decor

Photography by Joe Payne Photography

Centerpiece Photo

Photography by Joe Payne Photography

We love hearing from our brides and how they felt about their wedding flowers.  Pascale left this sweet message on our WeddingWire page.  “Amy is amazing! We worked on my wedding flowers together. She understood my vision so well and has such good taste when it comes to creating beautiful bouquets and centerpieces. She was SO responsive replying to my emails very timely. She is extremely flexible and accommodating as well. I changed my mind so many times during the design process and she was always happy to make the adjustments and to work with me to bring my vision into a reality. She was always smiling, friendly and just a great vendor who made the wedding planning process much much easier. If you have the chance to work with her, you should grab it! Very highly recommended!”

Please contact us today if you are in the market for a wedding planner and florist!  We look forward to hearing from you!