Simplicity is Key: Tips from a Durham Florist

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Tips

Poppy Belle Design is a Durham florist.

Everyone knows that old phrase “less is more”, right? Well this old phrase is one of the hot new wedding themes of the year! Au naturel cakes, colors and crops make an understated pop this year that coolly declares, “enough said”.


Millennial Pink

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Photo by Jocelyn & Ryan Photography

This up and coming color is nothing new to the color wheel, but its popularity has grown dramatically in recent years. The beige beauty has been aptly named “millennial pink” because of its fan base, and has an understated elegance about it that has audiences raving. Consider adding this muted hue to your wedding’s color scheme with whimsical hot pink offset by pops of navy. If you want a more lustrous way to incorporate this lovely shade, rose gold flatware and candelabras can give your wedding a bold yet bashful look that epitomizes romance in every way.

Naked Cake

After years of being all clothed in fondant, the naked wedding cake trend has been taking it off! This rustic indulgence can come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors!

  • Tall, lean and elegant
  • Short stack for an intimate event
  • Adorned with its own bouquet
  • Skip the frosting and drizzle with caramel

Truly, the possibilities are endless! Pin a flavor that appeals to your season and your taste buds (if you can pick just one!) and try out the deliciously daring cake that has everyone saying “ooh,” and “ahh.”

Green Envy

Adding more greenery and less blooms to your décor can cut down costs and provide an air of simplicity to your wedding.

Work a garland of green through tall candles on a banquet table to create a centerpiece full of natural beauty that will also allow your guests to talk to one another across the table!

Or have it hanging elegantly from the ceiling to create a dramatically romantic look! From flower crowns to chair décor, you can’t go wrong!



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