Wedding Flowers – Tips from a Durham Florist

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Tips

Feature photo by Photographs by Stephanie. Poppy Belle, Durham florist.

Having her own unique personality and flare is important to nearly every bride… The perfect venue, fairy tale – like attire, a towering cake… And what else? That’s right…the flowers!  From bouquets to the wedding cake, flowers play an integral role.

Brides dream of the floral decor that will tie everything beautifully together and add embellishments that will leave guests in awe. But after doing research or meeting with the first florist, couples are often in disbelief about the cost associated with wedding flowers. Why are they so expensive?! Let me just say that when I first got into the design business years ago, I too had sticker shock! So in the interest of education, let me share with you what I’ve learned…

Let’s Talk Season:

Flowers are seasonal and often subject to climate and environmental factors. What if one of my brides is getting married in the fall, but has her heart set on peonies, which only blooms in the US in spring? I have to shop elsewhere so her vision is realized. That often means going beyond local suppliers and purchasing from around the United States or even importing from another country.

Flowers are delicate and must be handled very carefully when delivering. So when shipped from a distant location, extra cost is needed to make sure that the flowers not only arrive in time, but in pristine condition. If flowers arrive bruised, wilted, or damaged, they are shipped back, which elevates the price as well. Often the flowers go through many hands before they reach your florist, and each of those sets of hands are trying to feed their family! 

Let’s Talk Size:

Depending on the size of the bouquet, the number of flowers needed can become quite large. The more flowers used and the more selective the bride, the higher the cost. Larger blooms like Hydrangea cost more. The more exotic the floral (like calla lilies, peonies, orchids) or even the classics (like garden roses) can cost more as well.  Then there is quality. I only use the very best because my brides deserve the very best. So if you find yourself held prisoner by an unyielding budget but have your heart set on a particular flower, consider using that bloom as a statement focal bloom but pair it with smaller, simpler blooms to add texture and contrast. I would be happy to help you come up with the perfect recipe!

Let’s Talk Supply:

Trends influence price. A popular item is sold at a higher retail because demand is high. Well….this same pricing system happens with flowers believe it or not. For example, a Patone color is announced each year. This year it is Greenery.  Brides plan their theme and colors to incorporate that popular trend into their wedding day.

Therefore, flowers that fit this trend are highly sought after; often brides think alike. Supplies domestically decrease of a particular bloom, forcing florists to seek supplies in different locations. Costs just went up.  But where there is a will there is a way! As a Raleigh wedding florist, I have years of experience in finding unique alternatives.

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

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Let’s Talk Design:

Flowers for bouquets and arrangements start their journey as simple seeds that blossom and bloom as they are nurtured and cared for. Like any great piece art, it takes time and the best of conditions to get flowers wedding ready. 

Poppy Belle Design has the highest standards when providing our couples with a variety of choices. I shop locally as well outsource to other states and countries when needed to assure my brides get the floral flourishes.

Each flower is cut, cleaned, fed, hydrated, and prepped before becoming part of the design. They are handled with care and delicacy, and individually placed to create an extraordinary piece. This takes skills that have been studied, practiced, honed, and perfected for years. And we spend many hours working on your wedding – we work with a perishable product so it all has to be done in the few days just before your wedding. So this often means long hours on our feet! Floral designers are artists with tremendous knowledge of not only the blooms, but of mechanics and craftsmanship that assures your blooms still look great at the end of the wedding night. 

There are great costs associated with being a florist – coolers, studios, showrooms, delivery vans, staff, contractors, buckets, ribbon, flower food, the list goes on and on. And have you  noticed that every wedding on a florist’s website has different containers? It’s quite expensive to store a fabulous inventory of containers so that our couples have a beautiful selection to choose from. In the end, we just want to make our clients happy and to remain in business doing what we love. So we must charge a fee to cover all these bases. And remember, the flowers in your wedding photos last FOREVER so make them special!

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