Katie & Ryan’s Wedding – Durham Florist

by | May 18, 2015 | Events, Floral Design

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Katie & Ryan is a couple that is as cute as the day is long.  I mean, really adorable.  I enjoyed working with them, their families, and their vendors so much.  It was just a whole gaggle of wonderful people.  (The word “gaggle” always makes me laugh!)

Katie grew up in Hillsborough, the little town that I now call home.  And though she moved to the big city of Raleigh, she came back here to celebrate the most important day of her life (so far, since I know kids are coming someday!).  (This Raleigh wedding planner loves to stay close to home, too!)  Her family has been here in Hillsborough for many generations, and  I so enjoyed hearing about all the changes the town has gone through.  I especially loved hearing the history of a local wedding venue, The Big Barn.  I’ve always wondered about its history and how its used now, as it’s always empty when I drive by.  Turns out it is full of charm and character and history, Katie’s family history.  How often do brides get to celebrate their new beginnings in a venue so close to the heart?!  Very rarely!

Another of Katie’s relatives owns one of my favorite vintage rental companies, Southern Vintage China Rentals.  Owner, Shelly, & Katie designed an eclectic vintage reception full of beauty.  Each centerpiece was unique, vignettes comprised of vintage milk glass, books, post cards, glass vases, and candle holders.  Those kept the photographer busy for a while.  😉

The bride had a fantastic color palette of navy, ivory, and coral, with antique gold accents.  The Amsterdam roses gave little pops of color along the old wooden farm tables in the venue.  And pictures do not do justice to how amazing that coral looked against those navy bridesmaid dresses!

I could rattle on all day about all the ways the wedding was beautiful, touching, and fun, but I must let the pictures do the talking.  (I originally had 66 favorites – THAT’S how much I loved it all!)  Ginny, thank you so much for sharing your talent in these pictures!  Here’s the full gallery:  Katie & Ryan

And a million thanks to the vendor team who rocked this wedding!

Coordinator / Florist – Poppy Belle Design

Venue – The Big Barn

Catering – Johnny Bakatsias Catering

Rentals – Classic Rentals Raleigh

Vintage Decor – Southern Vintage China Rental

Photography – Ginny Corbett Photography

DJ – Michael Gay

Lighting – K2 Productions

Cake – Faye’s Cakes

Videography – Andrew Kennedy Cinematography