How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Flower Budget – Tips from a Durham Wedding Florist

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Tips

Every bride has a vision of her wedding day flowers. Because let’s face it, blooms are THE focal point of your decor! But every bride is also on a budget, big or small, there is a number that is comfortable for the couple to pay. Sometimes that means that priorities need to be set. And your floral designer, like those of us here at Poppy Belle, Durham wedding florists, can help you determine those priorities. Here are some thoughts to consider as you prepare for a consultation with your fave designer, a small list of the areas we think are most important…

  • Bridal Bouquet – This is where it all starts. I always have my clients show me their fave inspiration image of a bouquet and ask them what they like about it. And then, every other floral element of the wedding stems from this – types of blooms, textures, amount of greenery, shape, etc. SO definitely make this floral piece the star of the evening!
  • Ceremony¬†– This one is actually debatable, only because there are some venues (think Duke Chapel) that are so ornate and awe inspiring that flowers aren’t technically required. It feels blasphemous to say that, but it’s true! However, there are going to be a million photos taken of your “altar” space, so make sure it’s gorgeous! And the best way to do that is through the use of blooms!
  • Sweetheart or Head Table – Where ever the bride and groom are is where the camera is pointed, right? So, the sweetheart or or head table needs to be special. If you do non-floral centerpieces on every other table, fine, but do this one right!

There are so many other options for adding blooms but these are the core items that need to be special. And you’ve probably figured out why I think this by now – the most heavily photographed parts of your wedding day need to be stunning. The flowers live on forever in your photos. Your great great great grandkids will see them one day and marvel over your decor!

So let us help you design your wedding day! We specialize in making your dreams a reality. We also help you uncover dreams you never knew you had! Call or email us today for a consultation!