Choose Winter-Tips from a Durham Florist

by | Dec 18, 2016 | Tips

Poppy Belle Design is a Durham florist. Feature photo by Riley McLean Weddings. Chalkboard art by Bella Joviality.

It’s no lie that spring and fall are the most popular times for weddings here in NC. A spring or fall wedding offers all kinds of benefits – moderate weather, abundant flowers, and more. But a winter wedding offers all sorts of options, too. Here’s some helpful information on why choosing a winter wedding might be the right decision for your special day.

  • There’s no need for a rain plan.

Even here in NC, temps can get low in the winter, so most winter weddings are planned indoors. So you can choose your venue based on the fact that you want your ceremony inside – so no need to have a rain plan! So why is this a benefit? Because brides who get their heart set on an outdoor ceremony feel a lot of stress if rain is in the forecast for wedding day. Last minute decisions on ceremony, tents, and logistics cause unnecessary work. So planning your entire wedding inside comes with that major benefit!

  • It might snow!

Yes, that’s a good thing! Imagine an elegant pashmina or vegan fur wrapped around you….along with your sweetie! What gorgeous outdoor photos that can make! And the sun sets earlier in the winter, so you can start evening fun much sooner to make the most of it! Fire pits, smores, mulled wine, hot cider, and romantic lighting, all beginning at 5:00 instead of 8:00 PM!

  • Stretch your budget

Winter weddings are slowly becoming more popular, but we still consider spring and fall to be “wedding season” here in NC. While wedding planning is always going to stress you out, that stress can be lessened by holding a winter wedding. Oftentimes venues are booked to capacity, leaving you scrambling to schedule venues and vendors. Because winter is a less popular time of year, you’re more likely to get what you want – sometimes for less. Some vendors lower their prices in off seasons, meaning you can stretch your budget. The same applies to other costs, like air travel and hotel prices. Also… Hello, cheaper tropical honeymoon!

  • Make scheduling easy on your guests

How many weddings did you get invited to this past year? Three? Four? And how many more did you see scrolling through your social media feeds? Whether it’s fellow family members, close friends, or friends of friends, it was probably a lot. If you know an engaged couple, bets are they’re going to be holding their wedding in peak season, too.

When you spend hours and hours writing your guest list, ordering invitations, and addressing them, it can be a bummer when your guests already have a wedding to go to. If you really want to make sure all your friends and family can make it, a winter wedding could be the solution. And they won’t be on wedding overload, so yours will truly stand out as special!

  • Have unique blooms to choose from!

Yes, we all know peonies are best in spring. Dahlias are best in summer and fall. But are you familiar with winter blooms? Anemones and hellebore are my top to-die-for winter blooms. Gardenia and amaryllis are close seconds. And can we talk about greenery? Evergreen like cedar, frazer, juniper, I die.

In conclusion…

Weddings can be beautiful in any season. With the proper wedding planner, your wedding is sure to be a success, no matter what season it’s in. Check out our gallery to see weddings planned and designed by Poppy Belle Design. If you want to start planning your wedding, contact us here at Poppy Belle to make sure your special day is perfect!