Alternative Wedding Bouquets, tips from Poppy Belle, Durham Florist

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Tips

Soft Colors Cascading Bouquet

Feature Image by Casey Rose Photography, Poppy Belle, Durham Florist

I love bridal bouquets.  Not just because I am a florist.  I love them because I feel like as a wedding florist I have the opportunity to capture the bride and her personality in floral form.  It is a joy.  Lately, here at Poppy Belle, Durham Florist, I have been studying and examining alternative wedding bouquets for those brides that want to try something a little bit different.  Here are my top 5 favorite alternatives that I love (click on the links in the title to go to a Pinterest search to get a picture of the options):

  1. Hoops
    • Check out last week’s blog to see our love of this new trend the hoop.  This take on the bouquet can be beautiful, earthy, and easy to carry.  It can incorporate your favorite florals and greenery, as well as, being an eye catching element to your big day.
  2. Wrist Corsages
    • Corsages have been around for awhile.  Usually you might see them on your grandmother or mother.  However, a trend that allows brides and bridesmaids to have their hands free on the Wedding Day is incorporating the corsage as the bridal party bouquets.
  3. Lanterns
    • Another interesting take on the wedding bouquet is the use of lanterns.  I have personally used lanterns in wedding decor on many occasions.  But, a new twist is brides carrying lanterns with floral designs attached.  It is a whimsical look that is still elegant and beautiful.  It can also be versatile – repurposed as decoration for the reception.
  4. Natural Elements
    • Wheat, Pinecones, Succulents, Gumballs, Airplants.  The list can go on and on for a natural and earthy take on the bouquet.  You might look at what elements are in season and tailor your bouquet to match.  Or maybe you grew up on the plains of Texas and would love to weave cotton in to your bouquet.  Really the options are endless and can make for a unique take on the bouquet.
  5. Brooch Bouquets
    • The final bouquet I would like to highlight today has been around for awhile.  Taking beautiful brooches and incorporating them into the bouquet design can be a definite way to catch the guests’ eye but also display a bit of your vintage personality as well.  This bouquet can also show a bit of family history, maybe a nod to a grandmother who wasn’t there that day.

Like I said, I love bouquets, and I love capturing the essence of the bride – something that will highlight her beauty and showcase her personality.  If you’re interested in talking about alternative bouquets and unique avenues to incorporate into your big day, Poppy Belle, Durham Florist is here for you.  Contact us today!