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Hi! I’m Amy

Event & floral designer

Allow me to make your wedding day dazzling! 

You may remember me as the owner of Knots ‘N Such (KNS) back in my wedding planning days. Historically I did both the beautiful and logistical sides, but I eventually realized that design has always been the object of my affection. (Insert heart eyes here) So I eliminated my planning services (RIP) to make more time for event and floral design.

My background is rich, having worked in a variety of fields until I found my calling. I had a “corporate career” in sales & marketing and kept finding ways to incorporate graphic design into those positions because I just had to make something pretty! I then dabbled in interior design by gutting, renovating, and selling two unique homes that both set records in their respective areas. I also owned a custom jewelry business, specializing in designing and creating wire jewelry. Originally Knots ‘N Such offered custom hand-made invitations as well. But then…


I found flowers. My wedding planning business involved recommending vendors in all areas. I attempted to find a florist providing unique design and could see what was in my head. But none existed in the area! I felt as if a change had to occur soon in the floral design world because the tight stuffy bouquets were not my taste! So I made the bold move to do it myself. I had done simple arrangements for parties over the years – it couldn’t be so hard, right?! I was wrong! I quickly learned that I needed some serious education to do things right. Doing simple arrangements for parties was one thing, but to excel at providing the most elegant and unique floral design in the area was an entirely different animal! So I have invested heavily since 2014 to learn as much as possible. I have taken classes under well-known designers such as Amy Dunlap, Holly Chapple, Susan McLeary, Hitomi Gilliam, Ariel Dearie, Mikey Putnam, Naomi Demana, Kelly Perry, and many designers who are members of the NC State Florists Association. The ride has been amazing. The true beauty of this business (besides the obvious) is that you never have to stop learning. One will never learn it all. Nature provides too many options and creativity is endless.

I Work With You To Bring Your Big Day Vision to Life, Stress Free.


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