Wedding Favor Ideas from Forever Wedding Favors

by | Aug 9, 2020 | Tips


To favor or not to favor, that is the question. As a wedding planner, I had this discussion with every client. The answer is simple: Your guests clearly care for you, because they will spend a lot of time and money to attend your wedding. It’s a nice gesture to give them a small token of your appreciation.

So I’ve discovered a great website where you can find personalized and uber cute favors! And the best part is that they’re useful! (Ever get a packet of birdseed as a favor? What the…what?!) Your guests are sure to love them. So hurry across cyberspace to check out Forever Wedding Favors! They have favors by color, by theme, by season, by style… They thought of everything!

Pictured below are some faves that I’ve actually gotten to try out!


  • LOVE magnets – They’re designed to look like typewriter ribbon, so are perfect for a vintage themed wedding! Who doesn’t have kids’ artwork, business cards, and reminder notes stuck to their fridge? We ALL do, so these magnets come in super handy.
  • Wine bottle stopper – In the shape of a heart, of course! If your guests love their wine, this is a perfect favor. You can never have too many adorable and stylish wine bottle stoppers! (They also have corkscrews to open the wine!)
  • Bottle opener – Prefer beer? No problem, you can also get a variety of bottle openers.
  • Cards – Do you and your sweetie love playing cards? The “All in” deck of cards reflect this hobby! And they provide a fun social activity for your guests, even during the wedding! (Yes, I’ve had couples play games during the reception! Fun!)
  • Salt & pepper shakers – These win the award for “Cutest Favor”! Those two little bears hugging? Yeah, they hold salt & pepper. You can’t help but say “Ahhhh” when you look at them!

There are way too many adorable options on their website, so be sure to check them out. You’ll definitely find something perfect!

P.S. I wouldn’t be a floral designer, if I didn’t highly recommend their floral suite of products. I didn’t get any, but I’m sure they are beautiful!

Poppy Belle is a wedding & floral designer (and former wedding planner) based in downtown Durham, NC. Contact us to help design every element of your big day!