Writing Thank You Notes, Tips from Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

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Even before you get married, it so important to go ahead and plan writing thank you notes. Every gift deserves a hand written note from the bride and groom to express gratitude for those people celebrating your nuptials.  Knots ‘N Such, a Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist, is here to provide you some helpful hints to make the thank you note process easier and doable.

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1. Know the Timeline
For gifts received prior to the wedding, it is customary that you have two weeks to write and send the thank you note. Gifts received on or after the wedding, the timeline lengthens a bit to three months.

2. Have all the “Write” Materials
Pardon the pun there, but before you even receive the first gift, it’s so important to have all the materials you are going to need to write your notes. Save your guest list from wedding invitations to have handy when addressing thank you notes. Also go ahead and order your personalized stationery or stock up in stationery from your favorite paper source store. You may even have pre-wedding stationery and take a personalized thank you photo at the wedding to use for post-wedding gifts. Bulk order stamps (the ones that are already sticky-take it from me, they are a lifesaver and will save your tongue).

3. Set a Routine
It may help to have a comfortable writing station somewhere in your home. Turn on your favorite TV show or music. Enlist your significant other to write a certain number of notes a night. Make it a routine and knock them out little by little, so you’re not stuck with a large number to write at one time.

4. Pen a Personalized Note
Each note should have a personal touch that references the couples gratitude, the specific gift they have received, and how the gift and/or the giver have/will impact your life. Be specific with the gift, and in the case of cash, maybe highlight that you are saving for your first home or it will be a great benefit for the honeymoon. Hav “writer’s block”? Search for thank you note samples online to help spur writing and go from there.

Rustic Gift Table and Guestbook

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Take it from me, you are surrounded by many gracious people who will be glad to celebrate your wedding. Look at thank you note writing as a chance to thank the awesome people that have surrounded you with open arms. I promise you can do it, just make a plan ahead of time and follow through with your routine. Contact us today for help in the wedding planning process, and we would love to help you pen that perfect note of gratitude.  Happy thank you note writing!


Building a Wedding Day Timeline, Tips from Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist

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A crucial component to a successful wedding day is building a Wedding Day Timeline. Knots ‘N Such, a Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist, is here to give you some advice for crafting a timeline that is efficient yet not rushed.

bride & bridesmaids in bridal suite

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  1. Ceremony & Exit Time: These are the first times to choose, because every other begin and end time will depend on these. Do you want an afternoon wedding? Do you want a twilight wedding?
  2. Photographer’s Schedule: How many hours do you want your photographer to cover? This may depend on your budget, since most photographers have set hours in their packages. Your photographer will talk with you about what and how many photos you’d like to do pre-ceremony versus during cocktail hour.
  3. Hair & Makeup Time: Who will be getting their hair done the morning of the wedding? Your beauty artists will create a schedule based on how many people they’ll be making over and what time your photos are scheduled to begin.
  4. Squad Schedule: Be sure to communicate the plans to your squad – wedding party and family need to know where to be and when to be there. Make sure they are waiting on the photographer rather than vice versa. Once the day gets behind schedule, it’s difficult to catch up, so stress this to your loved ones, so they are ready and waiting. It might be helpful for you to write this up and and email or print for them, so they don’t forget.
  5. Vendor Arrival Times: Each of your vendors will schedule their arrival time on your ceremony start time. They’ll let you know how much time they’ll need to setup and prepare, so ask for their guidance in this area.
  6. Cocktail HOUR: Going back to your photographer… Create a list of photos you want completed during cocktail hour. Make sure he/she can do all that you want in about 45 minutes. Keep your list to immediate family and wedding party only. Extended family guests should be reserved for candids during the reception. You want to keep your cocktail hour to an hour. If you go over, you may be considered a rude host. Guests get antsy, hungry, and tipsy, so be sure to join them ASAP, so the show can go on.
  7. End the night early:  This is a tip I give to a lot of brides.  It will be a long emotionally draining day, and believe me, you will be exhausted.  Confirm with your venue when you need to be out (including break down times), and this will help you set that key departure time. If you want the party to continue, plan an after party and invite key people to join you.
Bride and Groom Photo on Bridge

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Planning your wedding day timeline does not need to be stressful.  The important thing is to communicate: communicate with photographer, vendors, bridal party, etc.  Make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to arrival and departure times.  A great resource to have is a planner/coordinator for your wedding.  This is where Knots ‘N Such would love to help you.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you in your wedding planning adventures!



Being a Bride with a Budget, Tips from Knots ‘N Such, a Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist

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Happy 2018 everyone! Today we want to dive into that underlying “B” word of wedding planning: budgets.  Weddings do take money, and that number sometimes can be an overwhelming factor in the planning of their wedding.  First of all, let us tell you nearly every bride is on a budget.  Big or small, there’s always a limit.

Bride and Groom's First Look

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However, there are two types of brides when it comes to budget etiquette, and in an effort to help you plan and execute a wedding on your budget with grace and style, we want to help you understand the two categories.

The first is that “bride on a budget”.  This is the bride who understands that any budget has a limit, researches her options thoroughly, and is content with the options that are presented to her.  This bride will look back on the wedding planning experience and rejoice over the final product.  The second is a “budget bride”.  Like the first bride, this bride recognizes that she has a budget, yet struggles to be content with what money can buy for her budget.  This bride will look back on the wedding planning experience and be discontent with the final product. She doesn’t appreciate what her budget can buy, so is forlorn.

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When looking at the two types of bride, it’s easy to see that the bride on a budget is what we want for every bride, no matter the budget they have for their wedding.  Here are some tips to help you in your budgeting and planning for your wedding:

  1. Know and set your realistic budget from the very beginning (educate yourself on the cost of weddings in your area, determine what you can afford by setting priorities). If you determine a large wedding is nearly impossible, there’s no shame in having a small intimate affair or elopement. It’s actually quite trendy these days!
  2. Make a list of areas of the wedding and your budget for each category.  Here is a worksheet that can help you get started from the magazine Real Simple Budget Worksheet (do this before contacting any vendors)
  3. Research vendors that are in your budget area (staying within your budget area will help with disappointment later when you receive that estimate). Be realistic with your expectations.
  4. Visit open houses and bridal fairs to gather more information in your planning
  5. Contact vendors that meet your criteria to set up meetings
  6. Realize that vendors are there to educate and support you. Yes, we must be able to support ourselves so must price our products and services to do that. This is a career not a hobby for us.
  7. Before signing a contract, go back to that budget and make sure that you are focusing on those important details from Tip #1
  8. Finally, enjoy the process and look at the options you have and know that your day is going to be special
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Knots ‘N Such, a Raleigh Wedding Planner and Florist, wants to share this information with you, not to scare you off from contacting vendors or dreaming big, but to help you know your budget and not look back at wedding planning as a daunting time.  Our hope is, no matter the budget, you are the bride who is satisfied with every option and gets to the day of their wedding a bride beaming with pride knowing this is the day for them.  Happy wedding planning friends!



Beyond the Centerpiece: Floral Trends and Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner

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Close your eyes.  Imagine your big day.  The beautiful dress.  The perfect partner.  The flowers.  Floral designs have been a staple for a wedding for many years.  And designers have broadened to include flowers in more than just centerpieces and bouquets.  Let Poppy Belle Design, Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist, help you make your flower dreams come true for your big day. Follow along to look at some unique floral trends that have popped up recently.

Flower Crown Pink and Burgundy

Photo By: Danell Beede Photography

-Creating Hanging Flower Displays: I, personally, am in love with the idea of elevating flowers even more than an elevated centerpiece can do.  This trend can include hanging chandeliers with florals as the focal piece, inverting floral displays to give the ceiling a “Secret Garden” motif, or dangling flowers from a potted plant, glass orb, or creating a shower of flowers from the top.  This could be a unique way to showcase your favorite color, signature flower, or just create that “oh wow” moment for your guests.

Reception Arbor Sweetheart Table

Photographs by Stephanie

-Integrating Hair Pieces: Spend some time on social media and you will quickly see that integrating the flowers into your hair design on your big day will create a uniquely fresh look.  From floral head pins to flower crowns, a bride will leave everyone breathless with an elegant hair design.  

Bridal Floral Headpiece

Photographs by Stephanie

-Elevating the Cake Design: There are many aspects of the wedding day in which to incorporate floral designs; one you may consider also involves the “sweet” part of the day: your cake.  Cake tasting is definitely a treat during the wedding planning process, so maybe consider bringing your florist along to help in the design of the confectionery delight.  Floral cake design can wrap around the cake (creating a cascading feel to the flowers that might match your bouquet) or possibly a topper that elevates the cake to the next level.   

Couple's Cake with Floral Accents

Photographs by Stephanie


-Highlighting the Ceremony Backdrop: When it comes to your ceremony backdrop, you might want to consider: what unique touches will add to the photographs of the important ceremony?  The ceremony backdrop is an awesome place to add a touch of flowers or make a whole floral showcase.  If you are using an arbor, consider using flowers to accent the arbor or as curtain ties for the drapery.  

First Kiss Under Wooden Arbor

Danell Beede Photography

There are many other ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding and reception design.  Look at your venues and think what could be accented with a beautiful floralscape: a fountain, pompadours, staircases, etc.  The list really does go on and on, from lighting accents to floating florals.  This is where having an awesome florist and/or wedding planner comes in handy to make your garden dreams come true. Knots ‘N Such, Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist, would love to come alongside you to incorporate flowers in a variety of ways into your big day. 



PBD Coordinator

A Raleigh Wedding Planner’s Advice on DIY Done Right

We’ve all fallen into it. The beautiful photos, the step-by-step tutorials, the ease of spending your entire afternoon pinning to your heart’s content. Pinterest is a great invention. It has recipes, beauty tricks, and a massive collection of stunning, easy-looking wedding DIYs. And don’t get me wrong – some of these DIYs are great. But as a Raleigh wedding planner and professional in my field, I will share with you a little secret: DIYs can sometimes go wrong, but with a little help, these projects can go so right.

Read more

Hi, I’m Amy, your Raleigh wedding planner…

I’ve been wracking my brain about what I should include in my first blog post… What do clients need to know about this wedding planning company? What makes it different? Finally, I decided that clients need to know…ME. Amy Wurster. I am Knots ‘N Such. And I am different. I am the owner/operator/floral designer/wedding planner/day of coordinator. And you, as brides and grooms, need to get to know me and trust me. You will be trusting one of the most important days of your life to me! (And my trusty assistant on the day of, of course!)

As a side note, I produce many types of events, but for the sake of this blog, I will focus primarily on weddings, since weddings are the primary focus for me in the event planning world. Now that’s outta the way, let’s move on…

As you may have read in the About Us section, I’ve been planning and designing weddings and other events off and on for over 10 years. But why? Why did I choose this career? Why be a wedding planner and designer? Well, let’s go way back… Circa 1990… My family got a new house and I got the new pink bedroom that I’d been dreaming about! I kept that room immaculate. Every day when I came home from school, I organized and cleaned my room, BEFORE I did my homework or went outside to play. I did all the decorating and was so stinkin’ proud of myself! I also rearranged my furniture continuously. I required no help, I was a tough girl and could push that furniture anywhere I wanted it! I was constantly switching out decor, too. It was only a matter of a few years, and I changed the entire color scheme and redecorated it all, top to bottom. It was all an obsession to say the least. 😉 As an adult, I’ve moved more times than I can count and love the challenge of decorating a new space. Currently, I’m in a log cabin. LOVE!

So why didn’t I answer the calling to become an interior decorator? Right?! I grew up in a practical family, in a practical small town, went to a practical high school. Creative jobs supposedly didn’t pay the bills, ya know? So, when I went to college, I studied business and health services administration. Looking back, I am so very thankful that I never pursued becoming the CEO of a hospital. That job has a different kind of beauty than I seek in life! After college, I moved to Atlanta, where my love of design resurfaced in conversations with a good friend and fellow artisan. Together, we invented Belle Events. Problem was that we were both working in the software industry, being ya know, practical.

A few years later, in 2003, I got married with no wedding planner or coordinator. Can we say migraine?! I wanted a simple wedding with only my closest friends and family with us, but mothers and MILs, weren’t on board. LOL SO, we planned a wedding…in 6 weeks. It was simple yet beautiful and FUN, but boy was I stressed out. No one knew what was going on except me! I vowed to start my own wedding planning business to help brides enjoy their weddings…migraine free!

Months later, we were living in Colorado and I got my first chance to plan and design someone else’s wedding. I was over the moon excited! That experience sealed the deal for me, I loved the satisfaction that came with the job. I loved standing back and looking at something I designed and saying “I did that!”. I loved how proud I was that the entire day went off without a hitch thanks to my organization. I loved making people happy. I loved the beauty of weddings. I loved watching the emotions of the couple as they began their journey. I loved. Knots ‘N Such was born.

After that, I planned many events. I have learned to love what the client loves because it makes her/him happy, and because so many things have beauty that is different than what we would pick personally. I hope to always have that ability, so that I don’t become pigeon holed into a specific style or design rut. I love to keep things changing (especially my hair)!

Recently, life has finally allowed me to quit the corporate world, and do what I love full time. Not to say that I regret my education or my work experience, because they are integral pieces of the puzzle. I have the knowledge and know-how to run a business! And that’s what I am doing, this is not just a hobby, this is a career, a passion, a life. I also gained the ability to prioritize, plan, and execute many projects in high stress situations. Wedding anyone? 😉

Speaking of education, in analyzing the market, I saw there are many wedding planners out there, but not many with with a great foundation. I strongly believe in having a solid foundation of knowledge and credentials to prove I’m worthy of you! After much research, I chose to join the Association of Bridal Consultants. ABC is the most prestigious and oldest wedding vendors association. What’s so great about ABC? They aren’t a weekend, minimal hour, take your money and hand out a certificate kind of operation. They have a Professional Development Program that is intense and thorough. And to maintain membership, continuing education is required. As a member’s experience and education increase, membership level is changed to show it. But more on that in another blog post…

So, who is Knots ‘N Such? An intelligent, honest, dedicated, responsible, creative, passionate, loving, detail oriented, driven woman with a heck of a lot to offer! One of the best wedding planners in the Raleigh area that you will encounter. And I can bring other vendors to the table that will amaze you just as much as I will endeavor to.