Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner: Other Ways to Use a Wedding Planner

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Feature photo by Bowtie Collaborative Photography. Knots ‘N Such is a Raleigh wedding planner and florist.

Wedding planners are certainly the experts at planning weddings, but notice my company name says “Event Planning”. Did you know that wedding planners can also plan other event types? It’s my job to ensure that the theme, location, decor, catering, and connections are spot on for the wedding day. However, there is so much focus on the wedding itself, that the events before and after the wedding, like the engagement party and honeymoon, are often overlooked in the planning stages and can cause a couple unneeded frustration. These slightly less significant occasions can become quite overwhelming and although family and friends may try to step up and help with these events, the couple’s voice often gets lost and relationships can become strained in the process. But don’t worry – a wedding planner is just the perfect solution! Here’s how….


The Engagement Party:

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Photo by Riley McLean Weddings

Congratulations!!!! You’re engaged and I know you can’t wait to share it with others. This event kicks off the first of many wedding festivities. The engagement party is the declaration of your intent to wed and the chance to share that wonderful news with friends and family. Venue, menu, catering, guest list, invitations, and theme are just a few of the components that go into an engagement party. Sound familiar? These components are not that different than what goes into the actual wedding. They are just on a much smaller scale.  


A wedding planner can help set the mood of the evening, while providing valuable resources and guidance. Have you seen the Rolodex of a wedding planner?! We have so many contacts for venues, caterers, invitation professionals, photographers, and much more. Our networks are huge!!! There is so much leg work that goes into an event like this and it can often get overwhelming for the couple, stealing moments of joy that should have been spent in celebration, rather than aggravation. And wedding planners know how to balance; this event is designed to celebrate your engagement, not upstage your wedding.


The Rehearsal Dinner:

Beautiful Table Set Up

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The engagement party was a great success. And now the rehearsal dinner needs the same tender love and care as the other festivities. Here once again, enters your secret weapon and one of your greatest allies…The Wedding Planner. The wedding planner can provide options for the location and venue, help with the guest list, invites, the menu, possible theme and a degree of coordination if needed. Also,  depending on the planner, the creation of personalized decor to elevate and add enchantment to the event. For instance, I’m also a floral designer. So I bring that to the table.


Beautiful Floral Head Piece

Photo by Danell Beede Photography

Now for this next topic you may be asking yourself how a wedding planner could assist in the planning and execution of the bachelor and bachelorette party. After all, these are events traditionally that are the responsibility of the Maid of Honor and Best Man. BUT a professional in my field can, in fact, help with these two very important rites of passage. First, most wedding planners have travel specialists in pocket. I can help with the necessary connections to plan and book destinations. I can also make custom pieces for the bride to wear. We have all seen the crowns and sashes that marks the bride-to-be. Why be cliche or generic when you are far from it? I can create floral head pieces to wear the night of and make souvenir bouquets to carry instead. I can also create floral pieces for guests to wear and help with favors of appreciation for both the groom and bride’s wedding party and guests.


The Honeymoon:

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

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With the close of your ceremony, comes the last part of an incredible journey…the honeymoon. Your wedding planner has been with you each step of the way and it would be a shame to not use his or her expertise here as well. Think of a wedding planner as an umbrella – we cover any and all wedding festivities! Wedding planners usually have travel specialists they trust and work with. They often have the 411 on what restaurants, services, and attractions are “must do’s” in an area; if they do not, they are resourceful and can pull contacts to find out the information. A wedding planner can also help with passports, luggage, attire, and personalized items often sought after by couples for the honeymoon.

Anniversary Parties:

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Whether it’s your first, 10th, 25th, 50th or beyond, an anniversary is an amazing opportunity to celebrate the long lasting love between two people and reflect on memories made. Some couples want a small intimate gathering for just family and friends, while others have a grander celebration in mind.  Perhaps you want a vow renewal or re-commitment ceremony…. What about a recreation of key elements from your wedding day?  Just recently I had the honor of recreating a bridal bouquet for one of my brides are on her first anniversary. Like other events… guest list, venue, catering, and decor also go hand and hand when planning an anniversary party. As a wedding planner my business is love and regardless of the milestone, I can help do it beautifully


A wedding planner is versatile and skilled.  Unfortunately, most couples don’t include them when planning the other events that come before or after the wedding.  That way, from start to finish, your events are memorable, and you can focus more on the celebration, rather than having any stress and anxiety!


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