Handing Rain on Your Wedding Day – Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner

by | May 27, 2015 | Tips

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

No matter how hard you try, you can’t order the weather.  Rain dances don’t work.  Neither does crossing your fingers or sticking a needle in your eye.  (Stinks to grow up doesn’t it?)

Despite planning everything to a T, double and triple checking your timeline and overseeing every last detail, there are some parts of your big day that fall outside your control—and, unfortunately, whether it rains or shines is one of them!  As a Raleigh wedding planner, I’ve seen the rainy day wedding before, and there are a few things that are important to remember.

First, have a backup plan! Especially with all the rain we’ve had in the Triangle area this year, it’s so crucial to know what you’re going to do in case of showers. Whether it’s having an indoor—or at least covered—option on site or simply offering umbrellas to keep your guests dry, it’s so much better to be safe than sorry.  It doesn’t add a whole lot to the wedding budget to grab enough umbrellas to go around. What a striking image to see you and your fiancé holding hands before the officiant framed by a sea of colorful parasols!

Second, if rain is in the cards, don’t be afraid to embrace it!  Seize the opportunity to work in a few cute details here and there. Grab an adorable pair of rain boots for you and your girls! This inserts some personality into the photo shoot AND are a much more sensible option in the mud. The same goes for using a colorful umbrella for your pictures with your husband. You can match it with your wedding pallet, and it can act as a cute prop to kiss behind or lean in under.  If you’re really daring, go for something uber romantic – no cover at all for a shot or two! Who wouldn’t love a picture of kissing in the rain? So many photographers do a great job using the water droplets to their advantage, manipulating the light to catch that moment.

As your day approaches, check the long-term forecast about two weeks out and continue looking as it gets closer. The bottom line is this:  Don’t panic if you look out the window and gray skies threaten!  It will still be the best day of your life!

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist