Four Simple Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Wedding – Tips from a Raleigh Wedding Planner

by | Sep 13, 2015 | Tips

We live in a digital age. Everyone from your grandma to your 8-year-old cousin is glued to a mobile device, right?!

Some couples prefer an unplugged wedding (there’s definitely an appeal there), but today I want to talk about the opposite approach.  Some couples would rather not ban cell phones from their wedding day, so why not embrace it?

In my time as a Raleigh wedding planner, I’ve seen the gamut, from the occasional uncle wandering around with his fancy SLR to what seems like the entire audience holding phones above their heads like some sort of alien antenna.  🙂 While sometimes things can get a little out of control—be sure to talk with your photographer about how to deal with people getting in the way of professional shots—as long as people are respectful, encourage them to take as many photos of their own as possible! After all, you’ll see those the second your friends upload them, while the professional pics will take another 2 months or so.

So here are a few ways to bend technology to your advantage.

  1. Get that hashtag

A great way to harness all of those extra photos, be they cellphone shots or from a more traditional camera, is to provide your guests a hashtag. A quick, cute sign calling all those posting to Instagram to use #jackandjillwedding2015 will corral all those gorgeous—and, ahem, silly—pictures in one place for you to enjoy. Plus it’ll get your guests involved in your wedding in a whole new way, giving it a personal touch for them and showing you an angle of your wedding the photographer probably won’t catch.

Raleigh Wedding Planner & Florist

Photo by Julian Ribinick

  1. There’s an app for that

The programmer powers-that-be have (obviously) developed cellphone apps for wedding photo sharing purposes, as well. Though I’ve never used any of these myself, I’ve heard Wedding Party is a good one, as is WedPics. This can help the less tech-savvy of your guests, those who may not have an Instagram account, still participate in the digital craze.

  1. Skype-em in

One of the best aspects of technology is just how connected we all are now! Have some relatives who can’t make the trip down for your big day? Have someone in the audience hold a laptop or tablet and get them on Skype or Google Hangout so they can watch the whole thing! I had a couple who took a more professional approach using uStream, a camera and a tripod.  Those far-away guests were so appreciative!  Check out this wedding ( where a bridesmaid walked down the aisle via tablet—what a special moment! This is such a great and low-cost way to include that many more people in your special day.

  1. Have some fun with it!

Don’t be afraid to get creative—and bring your own personality into the mix. I’ve seen couples who put selfie sticks on the tables, encouraging their guests to bring them out on the dance floor or snap shots of their entire group or table. No money for a videographer? Check out some video companies that edit the footage but let you (or your guests) tape the event yourself. Try iDOcam or My Flip Wedding, just to name a few. If you’re the go big or go home type, look into some drone photographers! Aerial shot of the ceremony or dance floor? Yes, please!

Whether you go simple or glam, utilitarian or, well, glam, technology can be your friend for the big day. Let it work to your advantage by not only getting your guests more involved but also letting you see moments of the wedding that you may not have otherwise.