Raleigh Wedding Planner Tips on Crafting Your Invitations

by | Dec 6, 2015 | Tips

Knots ‘N Such is a Raleigh wedding planner & florist – we service all of North Carolina and beyond! (Feature invitation design by Desktop Diva.  Photo by Stephen Thrift Photography.)

With everything else on your list, wedding invitations often get shoved to the bottom of the list—both in terms of planning and budget.

The thing is, though, this little stack of stationary is one of the first things your guests experience your big day. I like to match all of your paper goods into a cohesively designed suite – from save-the-dates to thank you cards.  And don’t forget your wedding website!  Companies like www.minted.com offer the most beautiful suites of wedding website and stationery products eva.  Check them out!

It can be a bit daunting to get started, especially when you sit down and think about what you want them to say. Trust your professionals when it comes to this.  If using a professional local stationer, ask for ideas. If you have a wedding planner, ask about etiquette. We’re here to help! Something of a trend these days is to use off the beaten track wording, which is another great way to let your personality shine through!

Looking for an alternative to the traditional RSVP card language of attending or no, spice it up with “Wouldn’t miss it for the world” and “Celebrating from afar.” Balking at the stiffness of the common “Mr. and Mrs. Bride and Mr. and Mrs. Groom request your presence at the union of their daughter so-and-so and son so-and-so…”? Try a more simple “We’re getting hitched, and we need your help to celebrate!”

The possibilities are endless when it comes to alternative wording, and you can get even more creative when it comes to the style of the invites themselves. I’ve seen flow charts, timelines, one-sentence cards, love story cards and even mad lib RSVPs! Use your imagination and tap into your individual personalities—let the real you shine.

Before you get too crazy, however, here are some things to keep in mind:

Keep it simple. Guests tend to skim, so if you get too clever or long-winded, someone might miss something important. That doesn’t mean you can’t use some flowery language or throw in some jokes, but make sure the invitation is easy to follow.

Remember you want to reach a wide audience with your invitation. You want it to make sense to your 15-year-old cousin as well as your 90-year-old grandma. Want to wrap in a joke, pun or off-beat phrase or two? No problem, but make sure that it translates across generations and social groups.

Include a call to action. Make sure you tell guests—clearly—what to do next. Do they mail in an RSVP, do so online or both? Do you want to direct them to your website? If you don’t spell out what their next step should be, guests might hang your invitation on the fridge and forget about it.

Don’t pass over this step of your planning process blindly. Put some thought into what your invites will say, and have some fun while you’re at it!